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7-Figure Consulting Prospectus

7-Figure Consulting Prospectus

Trade Shows Spokesperson Training
Exhibit and Display Design Database Planning and Marketing
Budget Management Promotions and Special Events
Presentation Materials Direct Response Television, Radio, and
Corporate Identity (brand) Development Print Campaigns
Target Research Publicity
Sales Tools B-roll Shootage
Custom Web Design Video News Releases
Copy Writing (creative and technical) Annual Meetings
Customized Graphic Design Corporate Training Materials and
Logo Design Development
Photography Surveys
Posters and Signage Recruiting
Point of Purchase Materials Interviews
Multi-Media Presentations Focus Groups
Video and Audio Production Review of Written Communications
Marketing Videos, CD’s and DVD’s Speech Writing
Internal Communications Management Courses
External Communications Strategy/Positioning
Leadership and Team Development Trade Publication Writing
Training Feature Articles
Advertising Training Product Launches
Seminars and Workshops Private Coaching

In short, you’re going to have everything you need to solve just about any business or
marketing problem your clients can throw at you.

And when you combine everything you learn in training with the incredible support from our
staff, you’ll be providing such value to your clients that they will see you as a valuable… almost
indispensable member of their team… someone they can’t (or wouldn’t) possibly try to operate
their business without.

This takes you out of the “working by project” mode, and ensures a continuing cash flow for
you. And when you learn how to make giving you referrals a requirement of doing business
with you, you’ll never have to prospect again.

I hope you’re beginning to see that this is a real business… a legitimate business… and that
there is not only a huge potential to make some serious money in it, but that others are
currently doing it.

And I hope you’re getting the idea that having your own business consulting practice is not only
fun and financially rewarding, but that it’s much easier than you might have originally thought…
and with the right information, knowledge, tools, training and mentorship, there is really no
reason to fear, and that success can be yours in record time.


You’re Going to Learn 7 Lucrative Ways to
Generate Income

As you probably know, in business, the worst number to operate by is 1…
• One Method of Generating Leads
• One Source of income, and so on
• One Supplier

It’s simple math, isn’t it? Lose that “one” of whatever it
is and you’re in a fix that can be VERY difficult to rectify.
So when you become a TopLine Consultant you’re going
to learn 7 lucrative ways to generate income so you are
never left in the lurch or scratching your head
wondering where you next dollar is coming from. It
really is a REAL business which will stand the test of

Herein lies one of the secrets of the wealthy... multiple streams of income.

And that’s exactly what you’ll have at your fingertips as a TopLine Consultant... a business far
removed from the dreaded and dangerous “one” source of income.

Okay, so here are the 7 Lucrative Ways You Will Learn to Generate

1. Retainer + Contingency – Most consultants have no idea how to effectively charge for

their services. Some charge by the hour and others charge by the project. Both of these
methods have more downsides than upsides. The most effective (and fair for both the
business owner and the consultant) way to charge is by a modest monthly retainer and a
contingency based on the actual results you generate for the business. When you have
this kind of system installed with your clients, business is fun, money is guaranteed, and
you eliminate many of the problems that other consultants face.

2. TopLine Partner – Some businesses may be larger or beyond the scope of your ability

to effectively consult on your own. With TopLine’s Partner arrangement, you can refer
these businesses to TopLine and work together to get them the results they want and
need… and you get paid for every referral that becomes a client. There is a huge demand
from business owners to get the right advice, to find a “place” where they can learn and
grow, to get the required mentoring to take their business away from danger and turn it
into a cash machine. It’s possible to make your annual income just referring business
owners to TopLine. It will be the easiest money you will ever make!


3. Licensing – We are great believers in passive income, so we have developed a way to

increase your income without swapping time for money. If you helped someone add
$1,000,000 to their turnover for instance, especially if they would not have achieved it
without your assistance, do you think they may be happy to give you $15,000 or $20,000
out of that amount? Of course they would! We show you how you can get paid an
additional stream of income for three years or more, using this unique approach. It’s the
ultimate way to get paid a passive income without doing the work.

4. Private Consultancy – Using our unique sales system that has an extraordinary

conversion rate, you will learn how to get your very own coaching clients. There is a huge
and growing demand for business consulting, and if you have the right solutions for
businesses who need help, they will gladly pay you your asking price. Incomes well in
excess of $250,000 your first year are possible.

5. Conduct Business Workshops – Some businesses are too small for you to work with

individually, and some business owners are “Do-It-Yourself” people; they want a system,
plan or process that they can implement themselves and not have to pay a consultant.
Not a problem. You will learn the power of leverage where you can conduct small group
Business Workshops (half-day or even full-day events with 5 to 25 people) to learn
strategies that they can implement themselves. Some consultants use one of the many
small group formats and earn upwards of $400,000 per year and only work 10 or 12 days
per month.

You’ll learn how to conduct…
• Lunch ‘n Learns
• Executive Roundtables
• Introductory or Preview Seminars
• Half-Day and Full-Day VIP Events
• 2 to 5-Day Business Makeover Retreats
• And more…

6. Provide Resources to Business Owners – You’ll have access to our Information

Products and the products and services from some of our partners and connections that
you can sell to business owners. Once again, a virtually passive way to bring in money to
your business!

7. Powerful Training of Your Very Own – Learn to speak from your feet and conduct

training, workshops and seminars of your own. An incredible way to leverage your
previous experience and your time for money. Speaking or conducting training sessions in
front of a group positions you as an expert, an authority, and a celebrity of sorts… and


your credibility goes through the roof. As a result, your business will gain momentum,
market awareness and positioning, and will magnetically attract clients who need and can
benefit from what you do, and your income will no longer be an issue.


“Martin’s program is second to none. The research he has made
available makes it impossible for any applicant to fail.

If you want to make the program work for you, just follow Martin’s
system and you cannot fail to realize substantial profit
improvements for your clients. When you do, you’ll get your clients
to widen their horizons by accepting that there are many ideas
outside the box they are used to working in, and they will naturally
assume that you are an expert at what you do. That opens the door
to their realization that implementation of our strategies will create
sharp growth spikes in their business.

I have received 500% support from Martin Howey. Without him this
System would not exist. In all my working life and in all the
corporations I have held senior roles in there has never been such
strong support from the higher management.”

Keith Longmire

How To Select The Business Opportunity
That’s Right For You

Of course, you know that there are tons of businesses that you can get involved in. Some are
better than others; some cost more than others; some are more fun; and some will provide a
greater return on your investment.

Some people are more comfortable working for someone else and letting them dictate the
hours they’ll work, the daily commute distance, when and if they can get time off from their
jobs to watch their kids’ games and practices, and how much money they’ll make.

Others have the confidence and moxie to take the risk and start their own businesses. And
some are more comfortable buying into a franchise type of arrangement where much of he
planning and operations are planned out for them

What type of business (or occupation, job or career) choose, careful consideration should be
given to several critical factors.


To help you decide if business consulting might be the right vocation for you, here are a few
examples of actual business we found for sale, the actual sale price, and what we believe could
be likely returns on investment based on industry benchmarks… and just to be safe we have
erred on the optimistic side. (However, in no way are we stating the accuracy of these figures.
As with any investment you should do your own due diligence and come to your own

Be on call 7 days per week VS Choose your own days
Have at least 7 staff VS No staff unless you choose to expand
Working long hours VS Work as few or many hours as you choose

Be on call 7 days per week VS Choose your own days
Have at least 5 staff VS No staff unless you choose to expand
Early morning 4am starts VS Work times to suit you and your family


Be on call 7 days per week VS Choose your own days
Have at least 8 staff VS No staff unless you choose to expand
Risk of lawsuits through client injury VS No health and safety concerns

Two Years Full Time Study VS Short term intense training with ongoing support

Starting salary 1-4 years experience so you can start earning income almost immediately
according to Pay Scale $79,000 VS
Salary 5 years+ (i.e. Regional Manager)
according to Pay Scale $150,000 Earning potential of 6 figures+ in 1st year

VS Earning potential of 7 figures by 5th year

*$80,000 for tuition, $40,000 for boarding and books, $20,000 for peripheral expenditures brings the total MBA cost to around
$140,000, while the lost income brings the tab to a whopping $260,000. That figure amounts to more than four years of salary at
an annualized income rate of $60,000. And this is an average school. According to US News & World Report, in 2017 the average
cost of the top 10 business schools in the U.S. was over $130,000 for tuition in a two-year MBA program.



The Four Quadrants Of Business

1. Employee 3. Investor Some start-up businesses and
franchises provide you with the ability
• Limited Control • Influenced by Economy to become self-employed, TopLine
• Compensated Value vs. • Must be Actively Engaged offers you a professional, exciting and
• Timing is Critical lucrative opportunity that literally
Contributory Value • Tax Advantages leapfrogs you into the prestigious
• No Tax Advantages • Unlimited Potential… IF realm of Business Owner.
• Limited Potential
You’re in the Right Place at
the Right Time

2. Self-Employed 4.Business Owner With TopLine you have the rights,
knowledge and freedom to build and
• Business Operations Controls • You’re in Total Control expand your consultancy practice as
• Price Controls • Tax Advantages you see fit.
• Territory Controls • Unlimited Potential… IF
• Limited Tax Advantages
You Do the Right Things

• Limited Potential Business Consulting Is In With no territorial restrictions, the
This Quadrant ability to employ support staff, sales
o Independent Contractors
o Franchise Opportunities

people and other associate consultants as you choose, you can truly build the business and

create the financial returns and lifestyle that many people often dream about, but that few

ever achieve.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you are on
the right side of the vertical line!

Compare Various Business Opportunities
And Franchise Programs

There are many places a person can invest their money and a host of business ventures to get
involved with. Some of the more popular franchise, licensing and business opportunities are
presented below for comparison purposes.

The information presented has been obtained from each company’s website or via
conversation with their home office, and was current at the time of inclusion. Some of the
terms or information may have changed since first published.

NOTE: This comparison chart is using TopLine Business Solutions as a comparison with other
franchise models. More accurate details on the program now being offered will be available on
your personal one-on-one Discovery Call.


Franchise Comparisons

(Business Development / Marketing Franchises)

Franchise / Sandler Growth 360 Solutions ActionCOACH TopLine
License Training Coach Business
Employee Business Solutions
Opportunity Sales Business Training Coaching Business
Training Coaching Development
Description $15,000 to $50,000 to / Marketing
$68,000 $36,900 $40,000 $275,000
Franchise / $83,150 to $82,500 to $30,000
License Fee $58,400 $15,000 to $490,030
$99,750 $60,000 $30,000
Total $500 to
Investment $1,160 $2,000 None $1,800 plus 5% $497
marketing fee
Monthly 5 Years
Royalties / 10 Years N/A 7 Years None
Fees $50,000 $150,000 $100,000 None
Franchise $30,000 $25,000 $75,000 None
Term $72,150
$37,900 $25,000 $82,500 $30,000
Required Net

Cash Liquidity


A Real, A Legitimate, And An Immensely
Profitable Business

If what you’ve read so far sounds interesting to you, and you think you have what it takes to be
a Business Development and Marketing Consultant there really is no limit to the income you
can make and the satisfaction you can receive for a job well done.

I know that when looking at new business or career opportunities, it is natural to have a lot of
questions. After all, your career is what you spend a good part of your life involved with, and
it’s your family’s lifestyle and your future that you’re considering. So it’s very important for you
to make the right choices and decisions.


The work you choose to As I mentioned earlier, we’re aggressively looking for a
support your family and number of qualified people who can learn our system to
maintain your lifestyle is handle the overwhelming market demand for our services.
important. It is critical that all
your questions are answered But like I also said, we can’t consider everyone who applies
to your satisfaction. Likewise, or who thinks they would like to become involved. What
it is important for us to make we are doing is very serious… we’re working with
wise choices in who we businesses who depend on quality help, qualified advice,
associate with. systems that produce results, and people who know what
they’re doing.

The financial lives and futures of the owners of those businesses, their employees, their
suppliers, and even the customers they serve depend on us. And those consultants who are
currently on board, as well as those who come on in the future depend on us to maintain the
integrity and good name. So it’s imperative that we be very selective in our consideration of
new consultants.

We’re looking for people who have experience and The market depends on us for the
success in business… either in sales or as an ad rep, most qualified and competent
or as a business owner, a manager, or an consultants possible. To deliver the
entrepreneur. Maybe you’ve just sold a business or highest standards possible and to
you have a business now that you are considering protect our reputation and our
selling, and you’re looking for something to do with onboard consultants, not everyone
your experience that can help other business owners who applies will be accepted.

Maybe you’ve been laid off or downsized from your
corporate position, or you find yourself in a hum-drum, dead-end, go-nowhere job and are not
making the kind of income or living the kind of lifestyle you would like or that you think you
deserve for the amount of time and effort you’ve put in, and the experience you have.



Just wanted to say a great big thanks for putting the mind map presentation on
the consultants site. One bit of very positive feedback on the video – it should
come with the following warning – “WARNING – D0 NOT LISTEN TO THIS

I started listening to the program and making notes from the mind map about
9:00 Tuesday evening. I laid down to try and sleep about midnight but couldn’t
get my brain to turn off until about 3:30 a.m.

You’re the best. Thank you for all that you do!

BJ Denton


Or perhaps you’d just like to escape the rat race, the commute, or working for someone else
and allowing them to live a great lifestyle on the back of your sweat and experience.

Whatever the case, if you have the experience we’re looking for and are ready to put a proven,
turn-key system to work in a career where you call your own shots, work your own hours from
your home or an office if you choose, and with no overhead, employees, or inventory, then a
career as an in-demand business consultant may be just what you’re looking for.

But about now I can hear you saying…

“This All Sounds Good, But How Much
Does It Cost?”

If you’re like most people, I’m sure one of the questions on your mind has to be, “How much
does this opportunity cost?”

It’s a fair question… and it’s a very important one for you to consider. As the TopLine
organization grows, the investment in the training and opportunity increases as well. Why?
Because the more successes our consultants have, the more value there is in the TopLine
program, and the more experienced and high-caliber people we can attract.

And that’s important because the TopLine name and reputation is on the line every time a
consultant works with a client. And finally, we can’t afford to risk consultant-failure because
we’ve under-priced our system in order t make it affordable to people who really don’t qualify.

Notice that I used the word, “investment” rather than “cost”, because that’s exactly what it is…
an investment. And it really is... it’s an investment in YOU and your success. The very word,
“investment”, by dictionary definition, means something that will return a profit to you. The
TopLine opportunity has had the distinct reputation worldwide of having the fastest return on
investment of any franchise or business opportunity available.

To get a better understanding of the “How much does it cost?” question, let’s consider…

A Tale Of Two Consultants

Let’s say that there are two people considering becoming business consultants. One of them
invests (for illustration purposes only) $20,000 in a comprehensive and very intensive, hands-on
multi-day training workshop to learn a system that has been proven over and over again to get
massive results for the people who implement it.

And let’s say that the other consultant decides to save the $20,000 by not attending the
program, and attempting to learn the business by reading books, listening to audio programs,


attending seminars, and talking to others, and then try and develop his own “system” with no
proven track record or support and attempt to run his business on his own.
Now before even attending training, the first consultant, with the help and support of his
assigned support person, finds a business owner who is willing to let the consultant use his
business as a case study during training.

That consultant gathers some information and a handful of figures about his prospect’s
business and then heads off to training. For the next several days in training, the consultant
learns exactly how the strategies, systems, and methodologies apply to his client’s business and
he puts together a plan that’s ready to implement when he gets back home.

A week later, when the consultant meets
with the business owner, he immediately
begins installing the systems and
procedures that he formulated in
training, and within just a few short
weeks, the business begins to show a
significant improvement and increased

To keep our example very conservative,
let’s say that the consultant will receive
no monthly retainer. But instead, he will
be compensated 100% based on a
percentage of any increase that he generates for the business, and if the owner is happy with
the results, he will write a testimonial for the consultant, and introduce him to other business
owners that he knows.

Now let’s say that the business in our example is very small… a neighborhood business of some
sort that has annual gross revenues of only $750,000. In our training workshops we
demonstrate how to consistently generate increases of two hundred to three hundred percent.
But let’s say that that this consultant only increases the revenues of this business by two
percent per month.

That’s such a small amount that it’s ridiculous. But annualized, it comes out to twenty-four
percent. Now, twenty-four percent of $750,000 translates to an increase of $180,000 for that
business. If you could give a business owner a hundred and eighty thousand extra dollars that
he didn’t have, and that he wouldn’t have if it weren’t for you showing up in his life, how much
of that $180,000 do you think he would be willing to give you?

Do you think $20,000 would be fair? (That’s just 11 percent.) That one deal alone pays for the
entire cost of the training. Too much, you say? They won’t pay that amount? What about
$15,000? (That’s eight percent.) How about $10,000? (That’s just 5.5 percent.)


Even at this small amount, it only takes a couple of deals to break even. And to top it off, you’ve
gotten a testimonial and a referral or recommendation to another prospect. Keep in mind, that
we’ve illustrated only ONE business. And a VERY small business, at that. And we’ve illustrated
only a two percent increase per month, and no ongoing monthly retainer fee.

What if, in that same example you were to double that two percent increase to just four
percent (which, by the way is not at all unreasonable)? What would that do for you? Well, for
starters, it would double the business’s revenue increase to $360,000.00!

Now take a simple 5.5 percent of the increase for your fees, and you’ve paid for your
investment in the training. If you can get this kind of return with such a small business, and with
such a ridiculous compensation arrangement, just think of what can happen with a business
that’s several times that size, and if you had a more realistic compensation package. Now
multiply that by six, eight or ten businesses, and you’re putting some substantial amounts of
cash in your bank account!

The reality is, there is a LOT of money to be made in this business with a whole lot less effort
and stress than most people are experiencing on their “regular” jobs. The best part is… it
doesn’t have to be that way. There IS an answer. And it’s much easier than most people realize.

Maybe when you add up everything, the real question isn’t, “How much does it cost?”, but how
much will it cost you if you don’t get involved?

Sure You Can Do It On

Your Own… But At What The question really isn’t “How much
Cost? does this training cost?”… it’s more
about how much it will cost you if

you don’t get involved. Think in

Now let’s go back and look at the consultant who terms of…
decided to go it on his own. He’s still trying to put • Job satisfaction
together a system that will get his first client. Sure, • Present working conditions
he’s saved money… on training, at least. But where • Satisfaction with present income
he’s lost money is in opportunity costs. • Potential for increased income
• Long-term job security

The first consultant… the one who went through • Available time to spend with
training has not only gotten a client, but he’s family

received some income, and a testimonial and referral And if you have children, don’t forget
to another potential client. And, he’s had a chance to their needs and expenses increase

apply his skills and develop his competence by over time.

working with a “live” client in a real-world situation,

and now his confidence is at an all time high, and getting clients… high-paying clients, is easier

than he could have imagined.


So back to the original question, “How much does the opportunity cost?” The answer really has
less to do with making the investment in yourself than it does to not make the investment. The
real question should be, “How much will it cost you if you don’t invest in yourself and get
trained in this system?”

Here’s a Simple 3-Step Process to Determine
Your Opportunity Cost

Let’s say you are considering investing in a business opportunity, or attending a program or an
event that can help you improve your lifestyle or increase the amount of money you earn.
Here’s a quick way to determine what it can cost you to delay making a decision to move

Step 1: Write down the amount of money you Cost of Delay Calculator
wanted to make last month.

Step 2: Write down the amount of money you Desired income: $______________

actually made last month. Actual income: $______________

Step 3: Subtract the amount you actually Difference: $______________
made from the amount you would like to

have made, and the difference is what it cost

you by not having a structured system in place.

As an example, let’s say you wanted to make, Cost of Delay Calculator

$50,000 last month (which, by the way, is very Desired income: $_50,000________
reasonable and doable for a business consultant), Actual income: $_10,000________
and your current monthly income is $10,000.

The amount it cost you every month to stay where Difference: $_40,000________
you are... to not make a decision is $40,000. If you $40,000 x 12 months = $480,000/yr
look at it on an annual basis, it cost you $480,000 for

not having a proven, dependable, and reliable system in place.

The Difference Between “Cost” And “Investment”

In our above example, the amount you pay to get the training you need and to get your system
set up is called an “investment.” The reason that it’s called an “investment,” is because you
expect to get a positive return on it... you expect to make more than what you paid for it.

The “cost” on the other hand, is what you lose by not moving forward and putting your system
in place... and you can’t get that back.


So in our example of adding $40,000 a month Weekly Cost of Delay
to your income, you divide the $40,000 by
four weeks, and it comes out to $10,000 per $40,000 per month ÷ 4 weeks = $10,000 per
week. week

So for every week you delay, ponder, or procrastinate making a decision, you simply add the
$10,000 that you didn’t make, to the amount of the original investment in your training. That
$10,000 is now a “cost” to you that you cannot recover.

So if you let one week go by and then decide that Cumulative Cost of Delay
you want to get things moving, you have to add the
original amount of the investment in the training to Program investment: $ ___?___ (A)
what it cost you for that week’s delay... or in our
example, $10,000. Weekly cost of delay: $_10,000_

If you wait two weeks, you’ll have the amount of Ultimate cost of program:
the training plus $20,000. Delay 1 week: $ (A) plus $10,000
Delay 2 weeks: $ (A) plus $20,000
Three weeks? It’s your training investment plus Delay 3 weeks: $ (A) plus $30,000
$30,000. Delay 4 weeks: $ (A) plus $40,000

And a four-week delay just cost you an additional $40,000... and $40,000 for every additional
month you “want to think about it,” or that you delay making a decision.

How Much Is Your Delay Costing You?

I don’t know about you, but having $40,000 a month unnecessarily slip through my fingers is a
lot of money. There are a lot of things I could do with that money. Now that $40,000 income
increase in our example was just that... an example. The fact is, there are many people who
have who have income increases far in excess of $40,000... and of course, there are a number
who don’t hit that number.

Just As You Check Us Out, We Do The
Same For You

Now I won’t kid you and I don’t want to mislead you. I’ve mentioned it before, and I’ll say it
again, here. This opportunity isn’t for everyone, and everyone isn’t right for us. We turn people
away all the time.

I’ll be honest with you… there are some people we just don’t want to deal with even though
they may be very qualified and seem to have everything going for them. You know the kind…


people who delight in giving you an unnecessarily hard time about every little thing. They argue
or debate everything, they’re negative in their attitudes, they have a “scarcity” mindset, and
they’re always playing the “victim” role.

Life on this planet is just too short and the time we have to spend with those we love and enjoy
being around is too limited to have these kinds of people influence our thinking, our attitudes
and our behavior. Better to turn them away right up front, be done with it and move on than to
deal with the problems and headaches they can cause later on… and that’s exactly what we do!
It’s just not fair and it’s just not right to do anything other than that.

You see, when a person joins our team they put their hope, faith, trust, and the present and
future security of themselves and their family in our hands. They look to us for a system that
works and the leadership and support to guide them safely to the success they desire.

Every time we accept a person into our “family,” we put our company’s, our onboard

consultants, and my stellar reputations on the line…

reputations that have been painstakingly developed Our Consultants training program is

over more than 50 years in this business. not for everyone. If you are negative,

over analytical, argumentative, have

We can’t afford mistakes. We can’t afford failure. a “scarcity” mindset, or play the
“victim” role, please don’t waste

And we can’t afford to let people who don’t meet your time or ours by applying. Quite
our standards jeopardize our reputation or simply, life is too short and time is
contaminate the other consultants who are working too valuable to deal with these kinds
hard to create successes for their clients and of people. It depletes our energy and
exceptional lifestyles for their families. takes time away from helping other
sincere and well-meaning people get

Does this mean that everyone will succeed in this the most from their investment and
provide meaningful service to their

business? Of course not. To say that or even suggest clients and exceptional lifestyles for

that is the case would be pure foolishness and you their families.

would see through it in a second.

But this I can say, and this I can personally commit to… My entire staff and I will do everything
in our power to see that every person who puts their trust in us receives the very best we
have… the best training, the best support, the best materials, and the best of us.

That’s all we can do. The actual “doing” has to be done by each individual. But if we work
together as a team… if you let us help you, mentor you, and guide you, and you do your part –
your success is virtually guaranteed.

If you feel our opportunity is right for you and we feel you are a right fit for us, I welcome you

to take the next step.

Interested? Here’s What To Do Next


So you’ve read this far, well done! That hopefully means you want to at least move to the next
step. If you are, here are the next steps…

• Complete the application for your personal, one-on-one Discovery Call found at:

• Completion of the application will take you to my personal online calendar where you
can schedule a convenient time for our call.

• Make sure you have any notes, questions, or concerns that you’d like to have addressed
written down so we can discuss them. My goal is to make sure you have all the
information you need so you can make the decision that’s right for you.

• NOTE: This will NOT be a “sales call.” I don’t believe in “selling” a product or service. It’s
not my style, and I won’t do it to you. I simply want to make sure all your questions and
concerns are addressed, and if you decide this is right for you, great, we’ll go to the next
step. On the other hand, if it’s not right for you, no problem; you and I will go our
separate ways and still be friends.

At the end of our call, if everything is indeed a “go”, we’ll get you registered, send your pre-
course grounding materials out to you, and start working with you to help you get a client to
“bring” to training as a case study. That way you’ll be able to apply what you learn in training to
a real client’s business and have strategies ready to install in their business as soon as you get
home, and income flowing into your bank account right away.

I hope to hear from you soon, and wish you the best of success in your personal and business

Martin Howey, Founder and CEO
TopLine Business solutions

P.S. I’m sure you can understand that with the tremendous amount of training and ongoing
support we offer, to give each person the attention they need and deserve, we are only able to
handle a limited number of consultants at any one time. When the available openings for each
workshop are filled we begin booking for the next session.

P.P.S. We’re more than anxious to talk with people who are interested in becoming Marketing
and Business Development Consultants. So be sure to complete the application at and schedule time on my personal
calendar so we can get you all the information you need to determine if this is the right
opportunity for you.


What A Few Of More Than 4,230 Consultants
Worldwide Have To Say About Martin Howey’s

TopLine Business Consultants Training

“Martin Is One Of The Most Sought-After Experts On The Planet”

“Having worked with Martin on many projects I have come to see him as one of my
most trusted advisers. From his extraordinary mental Rolodex of strategies, contacts
and business models to his track record of helping thousands of consultants to build
highly profitable and thriving businesses, Martin is one of the most sought-after experts
on the planet.

If you are looking to give your consulting business a much-needed profit boost, enroll in
one of Martin’s trainings today. From filling your trainings to sales strategies designed to close the deal
quickly, you’ll walk away with proven, practical techniques that work fast!”

Melanie Strick

“This Has Been A Life-Changing Experience For Me”

It’s Sunday morning. I arrived home last night late, and I’m sitting here reviewing
some of my materials, and have to tell you that I highly recommend Martin Howey’s
training to anyone who is thinking about a business opportunity for whatever reason.

You want to work less? You don’t want to work more? You don’t want to travel? You
want to have control of your time? You don’t feel like you’re earning the money that
you’re worth? For whatever rationale you’re even investigating this, please take the
time to investigate.

I heard about Martin Howey and was impressed with his success in helping
thousands of other businesses create great wealth. When anyone is looking for a business opportunity,
they have to ask a question, ‘How long have the guys been doing it, and does it really work?’ And that’s
where the rubber really hit the road for me.

After talking to some of the consultants and folks that spoke so highly of Martin, and without the result
of ‘DOD’ financing… “Dear Old Dad’… I wrote the checks. And I have to tell you, I was very impressed,
when on the first day of training when I was listening to Martin reinforce the fact that we’re going step
by step, that we’re in no rush, that we start at 7:00 in the morning and we finish when we finish, and
we’re going to make sure we deal with every issue and every question.

By the end of a couple of hours on the first day, I knew I had made the right decision. I’m excited about
my first client because I know exactly what I need to do and the kind of program I’m going to take them
through. And frankly, that’s what’s always been missing from so many other seminars.

There’s never been a template to follow to make sure you have a tactical program that helps you
implement and correct the problem and generate great wealth for your client. This has been a life-
changing experience for me, and I think you’re crazy if you don’t participate in the training Martin
Howey provides.

Mark Manual




Congratulations… you’re on your
way to an exciting, rewarding, and
VERY lucrative new venture!


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