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7-Figure Consulting Prospectus

7-Figure Consulting Prospectus



How to become an in-demand,
highly paid marketing and business
development consultant

Welcome to
TopLine Business Solutions

7-Figure Consulting

Fasten your Seatbelts… You’re About Ready
To Be Exposed To The Hottest, Most Lucrative
Business Opportunity Available… Anywhere!



Can You Relate To Any Of These 5 Common Situations? ............................................................ 7
Security Can No Longer Be Found – Long-Term In Working For Someone Else ........................ 8
Businesses Large And Small Are In Trouble ................................................................................ 9
Most Business Owners Don’t Know What You’re About To Learn! .......................................... 10
Acres of Diamonds ....................................................................................................................... 11
The Single Most Expensive Thing You Can Do In Business... It’s Probably Not What You
Think It Is...................................................................................................................................... 13
Over 80% of All Startup Businesses Fail Within Their First 5 Years ......................................... 15
The Most Common Action Business Owners Take Are Often The Most Devastating Ones....... 15
Here’s How To Guarantee A Huge Personal Income................................................................... 16
The Opportunities Have Never Been Greater, Nor The Potential More Lucrative ...................... 16
Who Is Martin Howey, And Why Should You Listen To Him? .................................................. 18
Nothing Is More Important Than Character & Integrity… NOTHING! ..................................... 20
Just Imagine The Incredible Income And Lifestyle You’ll Have When You Learn And Apply
The Same Tools As These Consultants ........................................................................................ 21
It’s Not Just Our Consultants Who Rave About Us… Well-Known, Top-Rated Business Gurus
Do It Too....................................................................................................................................... 23
A Turn-Key, Step-By-Step Program That Ensures Your Success............................................... 24
What If You Could Do All This With... ....................................................................................... 25
A Handful of Martin Howey’s Real-World Consulting Clients ................................................... 26
The Kind Of Credibility, Knowledge And Expertise To Work With Companies Of This Size
And Stature Cannot Be ................................................................................................................. 27
Claimed By Just Anyone .............................................................................................................. 27
It’s About Time You Got Paid For The Experience You’ve Gained Over Your Lifetime ......... 27
Don’t Let Your Job Determine the Lifestyle You Live ............................................................... 28
Four Critical Questions To ask Before Investing In Any Type Of Franchise, Biz-Op, Career
Change, Or Money-Making Opportunity ..................................................................................... 28


I Can’t Afford Mistakes... I Have Too Much On The Line .......................................................... 29
What Your Consultants Training Workshop Includes................................................................. 30
30+ Pounds Of Practical, Tried And Proven Resources ............................................................... 30
The Client Acquisition System… ................................................................................................. 31
The Business Development System.............................................................................................. 38
The Support Never Ends. You’ll Be In Business FOR Yourself, But Not BY Yourself ............. 43
The TOP SECRET reason behind the success rate of our consultants is found in SYSTEMS.... 46
A Visual Recap of the “Stuff” You’ll Get As a TopLine Business Consultant............................ 48
Hang On, It’s Not Over Yet. It Gets Even Better!....................................................................... 49
A Joint Venture That Will Literally Line Your Pockets With A Huge Residual Income .......... 50
You’re Going to Learn 7 Lucrative Ways to Generate Income.................................................... 52
How To Select The Business Opportunity That’s Right For You ............................................... 54
The Four Quadrants Of Business.................................................................................................. 57
Compare Various Business Opportunities And Franchise Programs ........................................... 57
A Real, A Legitimate, And An Immensely Profitable Business................................................... 58
“This All Sounds Good, But How Much Does It Cost?” ............................................................ 60
A Tale Of Two Consultants .......................................................................................................... 60
Sure You Can Do It On Your Own… But At What Cost? ........................................................... 62
Here’s a Simple 3-Step Process to Determine Your Opportunity Cost ........................................ 63
Just As You Check Us Out, We Do The Same For You ............................................................. 64
Interested? Here’s What To Do Next............................................................................................ 65
What A Few Of More Than 4,230 Consultants Worldwide Have To Say About Martin Howey’s
TopLine Business Consultants Training....................................................................................... 67


A personal message from Martin Howey,
trainer and advisor to some of the world’s
most successful business consultants…

Transform Your Life And
Business Experience Into An
In-Demand, Highly Paid
Marketing And Business
Development Consultant
Regardless of Age,
Education or Background


“Clients treat me with absolute respect and I quickly become an indispensable member of
their team. (3 months tops!). They are always pleased to see me and for me to help to move
their business forward. Financially. This business can take me anywhere I choose. Financial
freedom within five years.”

Robert Umpleby

Hello, and thank you for requesting this information…

If you’re like most people more than a third of your life is involved in earning a living, and for
more than 82 percent of the working population those hours are spent in a job or career that
they don’t enjoy or that they don’t receive fulfillment from.

In many cases it has nothing to do with the amount of money they earn. It has as much, or even
more to do with working conditions, job satisfaction, recognition and appreciation, and the
quality of life your job affords you.

The fact is, most people are so busy making a living that they don’t have the time or the
financial resources to really enjoy the limited time they do have, and they’re living unfulfilled
and frustrated lives.


My name is Martin Howey, and for more than 50 years I’ve had the great fortune of working
with thousands of people from all walks of life... some very wealthy, some doing “okay”, and
others on the brink of financial disaster. I’ve watched more than enough people go through
failures, frustrations, hopelessness, bad times and even bankruptcies.

And I’ve also seen a tremendous number of successes, happiness, prosperity, and people living
their dreams and enjoying “fairy tale” lifestyles.

The common denominator in the overwhelming majority of these situations on both the
positive side and the negative side, is the work that a person finds him or herself in.

“Your Time Is Limited, So Don’t
Waste It Living Someone Else’s

- Steve Jobs, Apple Computer

Far too many people are trapped in jobs that are not fulfilling and are driving them crazy. Or if
they do enjoy what they do, they’re not sufficiently rewarded for the time, experience and
expertise they contribute.

They’re letting someone else – their employer – call the shots for them, tell them when to come
to work, what to do on the job, and when they can go home. They let their employer tell them
when and if they can take an afternoon off to see their child’s game or school performance, be
with them when they’re sick, or if and when they can take a vacation.

And because the employer dictates how much the person will be paid and the amount of time
they have, they have to settle for the vacation that fits into that timeframe and their budget.

Some people are willing to accept the conditions that someone else sets for them and what that
person determines is “fair” compensation for the time and value they contribute.

If you’re okay with that, great. More power to you. You’ve found your niche and what works
for you and you’re happy. That’s great. It’s something very few people ever do. But let’s you
and I have a little heart-to-heart for a minute. But what if you and I – just the two of us – got
together one day all by ourselves and I asked you these five questions...

Yes No Are you truly happy and fulfilled in the work you’re presently engaged in?

Yes No Are you earning what you are truly worth and working the hours you want to
❑ ❑ work rather than the hours someone else tells you that you have to work?


Yes No Are you living the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of and are entitled to because
❑ ❑ of the skills you’ve developed and the price you’ve paid?

Yes No Have you found the opportunity that will take care of you and your family for the
❑ ❑ rest of your life, including your retirement years?

Yes No Have you accepted the fact that things “are what they are” and that you’re
❑ ❑ “okay” with your present situation and that things will somehow work out over

the long haul?

How would you have responded? What would your answers have been? Would you have
answered “No” to any of the first four questions and “Yes” to the fifth? If so, you’re certainly
not alone and you really deserve a lot more out of the time you spend earning a living.

The truth is, your work... what you spend a major part of your life doing every day has a
tremendous effect on the quality of the rest of your life and the relationships you have with
your family members and others.

Can You Relate To Any Of These
5 Common Situations?

Yes No “I am fed up spending my time and using my business skills working for someone
❑ ❑ else and making them wealthy. I want to finally start getting paid what I’m really


Yes No “I’m worried about my job. With the economic climate the way it is, I’m not sure
❑ ❑ if my current job will exist this time next year. I need to create a more

dependable income and more financial security for my family.”

Yes No “I’ve recently been downsized from my job. At my age, nobody wants to hire me.
❑❑ Yet, I still have some strong business skills that can help any number of
businesses, and I still have ‘fire in my belly’… I want to contribute and be a
valuable member of society.”

Yes No “I know a lot about business and I have some great experience, but I don’t have
❑❑ an organized system to implement it or teach it to others. If I did, I could make a
substantial income as a self-employed business consultant and only work a
fraction of the time that I would work for a regular employer.”

Yes No “I’ve looked at a number of different franchises, licenses and business
❑ ❑ opportunities and frankly, I don’t want to pay their high fees and excessive


monthly royalties. I just need a little direction and a kick-start and I can run my
own business.”

Well, how’d you do? Did any of those points sound familiar? If they did, welcome to the club…
you’re certainly not alone. A LOT of people have the same concerns. If you’re not satisfied with
where you are, it’s not the situation that’s the problem... it’s how you respond to these two

1. WHAT, specifically, are you going to do about it? And,
2. WHEN will you finally get around to doing something about it?

Regardless of how the economy is currently doing, the number of layoffs, downsizing,
restructuring, company mergers and early retirement offerings are increasing every day. And
people in every business sector are becoming more and more concerned about their financial
futures and their ability to provide for their family’s needs, their children’s educations, and the
funding of their retirement programs.

Security Can No Longer Be Found – Long-Term
In Working For Someone Else

It used to be that if you found work in a large company or corporation and you were relatively
competent, you could pretty much expect to receive a paycheck adequate enough to meet
your needs, and your employment may last until you retired. But for many people that’s no
longer the case.

Technology is rapidly replacing jobs, and many people even with advanced skills, high
positions and decades in their current employment are finding themselves suddenly out of
work and without the prospect of finding other employment that will compensate them
enough for them to continue the lifestyle they’ve been enjoying.

The real security (and the only true security) can be found in the value that you can bring to
the marketplace. In fact, the marketplace will pay you in direct proportion to the value you
bring to it. Bring a lot of value – get a big reward. Little value – little reward.

So what about you? If work for an employer, what kind of value do you provide them? Is it
more than what it costs to keep you on board? If so, how much more do you produce, or how
much more value do you provide over and above your costs?

This is very critical and very few people fully understand it, including employers.


According to Northwest Staffing Resources, the “true” cost of an employee is the employee’s
hourly rate plus an additional cost representing 56.55 percent of the wage rate. In other
words, an employee who receives an annual salary of, say, $80,000, really costs the company
an additional $45,240 in other expenses such as, federal and state taxes, Social Security,
unemployment tax, worker’s compensation, pension plans, insurance, etc., for a total of
$125,240 just to keep on board.

That amount doesn’t take into consideration (if required) the floor space the person
occupies, their furniture or equipment, or their telephone or computer. And if a secretary or
other assistant is needed to aid or support that person, the wages and expenses of the
support person must also be included.

Bottom line? If you aren’t in some way contributing – either in profits or in savings – more
than the “true” cost of what your employer pays you, your job is tenuous and you may be
considered expendable.

If you really want to guarantee your success on a long-term basis, you need to find a way to
provide massive value to others, and then only expect to be rewarded once you’ve
communicated or demonstrated that value to them.

You’ve worked hard for your experience and you’re entitled to be paid appropriately for it.
And if you leave it up to others to call the shots for you and determine where you’ll work,
when you’ll work, and how much you’ll earn you’re playing Russian Roulette with your
security, your family’s lifestyle, your children’s educations, the funds you’ll have available for
your eventual retirement, your own opinion of the value of your experience and expertise,
and your self-esteem.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. There is a huge and starving market begging for help. And
that market is more than willing to pay top dollar for the person who can ride in on the white
horse and give them the help they need.

Businesses Large And Small Are
In Trouble

Business owners in every town and city in the country are barely hanging on wondering if they
will be able to pay the bills and meet their payroll at the end of every month. The owners of
these businesses need help and they know it.

In many cases, they simply don’t know what to do, who to trust, or where to get the help they
need. So they end up trying to solve their problems by playing “copycat”… doing what they’ve
seen so many other businesses do – and not understanding the consequences of their actions.


Let me give you an example.

When business gets slow – when sales are down and not enough money is coming in, one of
the most common things business owners do is have a “sale”. They cut prices in order to create
additional traffic and make it more attractive for their customers and prospects to do business
with them.

Most Business Owners Don’t Know What
You’re About To Learn!

The problem is that most business owners don’t understand one simple, but very basic concept
– business isn’t so much a game of numbers as it is a game of margins. If you cut prices (lower
the selling price) but don’t also reduce the amount you pay for the products you’re selling by
the same margin, you can very quickly find yourself in big trouble.

The following table indicates the increase in sales that is required to compensate for a
discounting strategy. If a business’s gross margin is 30% and it reduces prices by 10%, it will
need its volume of sales to increase by 50% to maintain the same initial profit!

That can be 50% more sales to the same number of customers or the same number of sales per
customer, but to 50% more customers. Rarely has such a strategy worked in the past, and it's
unlikely to work in the future.

With Your Present Gross Profit Being…

10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40%

5% 100.0 50.0 33.3 25.0 20.0 16.7 14.3

If You Cut Your Price by… 6% 150.0 66.7 42.9 31.6 29.0 20.7 17.6

7% 233.3 87.5 53.8 38.9 30.4 25.0 21.2

8% 400.0 144.3 66.7 47.1 36.4 29.6 35.0

10% 200.0 100.0 66.7 50.0 40.0 33.3

11% 275.0 122.2 78.6 57.9 45.8 37.9

12% 400.0 150.0 92.3 66.7 52.2 42.0

15% 300.0 150.0 100.0 75.0 60.0

16% 400.0 144.3 117.8 84.2 66.7

18% 900.0 257.1 150.0 105.9 81.1

20% 400.0 200.0 133.3 100.0


To illustrate further, if you sell 100 units for $100 each at a 30%
profit margin, your gross sales would be $10,000 and your gross
profits are $3,000 (100 units x $100 = $10,000 x 30% = $3,000).

If you cut your price by just 10%, you will have to sell 50 additional
units to make the same gross profit (100 units x $100 = $10,000 x
20% = $2,000 + 50% ($1,000) = $3,000).

But there’s more to it – a LOT more.

“Right out of the gate, No one knows a business is having a sale unless they’re told about
what was so exciting to it. And in business the way you tell potential customers about
me was that every person something is by advertising. And of course advertising costs
I talked to was interested money which means that more products have to be sold to
and excited to learn more compensate for the ad expenses.
about the business and
the opportunities that I And if the advertising draws more people – more customers – and
brought to their more sales are made, it may require more stock and inventory,
companies. We have such and more employees and staff to handle the additional people,
an amazing service to more packaging, more credit card merchant fees and processing
offer companies, and costs, and additional bookkeeping, delivery, shipping and other
when we sit down with related expenses.
business owners, it is their
privilege to have the So when you factor in all the attendant expenses of a sale, in our
opportunity to work with 30% margin example above it may require significantly more than
us! I’m on my way to 7- a 50% increase in sales in order to make the same money
figures in 90 days!”

C.B. Schottland

The fact is cutting prices is one of the quickest ways to business failure there is. Yet, nearly
every business owner you talk to thinks that’s the way to get more business and generate more
income. That said, there are times and circumstances where cutting prices may be the right
thing to do. It’s just knowing when and how to use a sale or price decrease to advantage.

Acres of Diamonds

Here’s another crazy thing business owners do…

Line up 100 business owners and ask them if they had a magic wand and could wave it over
their business, what they would like to have more of. Know what the number one response will

“More customers.”


That’s it. More customers. So what do most business owners do? They spend HUGE amounts of
money on advertising in order to convince more people to come to them and buy their
products and services.

Did you ever read the book or hear the story, “Acres of Diamonds”? It’s about an African farmer
who sold his farm and spent his life traveling the African continent searching for the diamonds
that would make him wealthy. Unsuccessful in his search and in a fit of despondency, he threw
himself into a river and drowned.

Meanwhile, the man who bought the farm happened to be crossing the small stream on the
property and noticed a gleaming stone in the water. He picked up the stone, took it home and
placed it on his fireplace mantel.

Several weeks later a visitor picked up the
stone, looked at it and asked the farmer if
he knew what he’d found. The farmer
thought it was just a piece of crystal and
said that the creek was full of such stones.

It turns out that the farm the first farmer
had sold so that he might find a diamond
mine, turned out to be one of the most
productive diamond mines on the entire
African continent.

The first farmer had owned, free and clear – acres of diamonds. But he sold them for practically
nothing in order to look for them elsewhere.

That “Acres of Diamonds” story is illustrated countless of thousands of times a day in every
market and business niche you can think of. Rather than digging in their own backyard –
working with their existing clients and customers – business owners everywhere spend way
more time, effort and money trying to attract new customers to their businesses, when right
under their noses lies their greatest potential for additional sales and profits.

Studies show that it costs 6 to 8 times more to sell to a new customer than it does to an existing
customer, and that it’s 16 times easier to sell to an existing customer than to a new one. It
simply takes more time, more advertising, more contact, and consequently more money to
convince a prospect that doesn’t know you or that has had no experience with you to spend
their money with you.


The Single Most Expensive Thing You Can
Do In Business... It’s Probably Not What

You Think It Is

The simple truth is, as important as getting new customers or clients is, that activity is the
second most costly thing you can do to grow your book of business.

The real money sapper - the single most expensive thing you can do in business is to lose a
customer, and the easiest person to sell to is an existing customer.

With those facts in mind and using a hypothetical business, look what would happen if you
were to reduce the number of customers you lose every year, and at the same time double the
number of referrals you get and increase the dollar value of each sale by just 10 percent.

Existing Clients Current Improvement Changes
1. Client Losses Per Year 1,000 1,000 No change
2. Average Profit Value 100 50 50% decrease
3. Number of Referrals $200 $220 10% increase
Total Income at Year End 2 100% increase
1 132% increase
$180,000 $428,000

That’s a whopping 132% increase!

Subtract the Current $180,000 from the Improvement number of $428,000, and you’ll see that
it’s an increase of $248,000. I’m pretty confident you’ll agree that a $248,000 raise in one year
isn’t bad - especially without bringing any new staff or employees on board and without
spending any money on marketing!

I’m aware that the above figures may or may not apply to every business or to every type of
product or service. But the point is, and what the illustration demonstrates, is that even if the
business doesn’t add any new customers it can still grow by keeping in contact with, and taking
care of its existing customers and creating additional value for them so they’ll want to continue
doing business with it.

And the great thing is that the business can grow much more cost effectively than it could if it
were attempting to create that $248,000 increase by going after raw new prospects who have
never heard of the business before.


But even if the numbers were only half as good as the illustration shows that business still
netted a 162% increase in profits - that amounts to $111,375 extra in its bank account! But
even if it only did half of that it would still end up with $53,828 in extra income for the year!

Most business owners are pretty good at what they do – producing and delivering the goods
and services their businesses sell. Especially when times are good. But running a business with
optimal efficiency and profitability requires a completely different skill… a skill that too many
business owners simply don’t have.

Question: How Many Business Owners Do You Think Know That?

Answer: Not Many

You see when times get tough, it’s even more critical that business owners not only understand
these “basics” but that they know how to apply them in their businesses. Unfortunately, what
usually happens is that in order to generate more business they do too many of the wrong
things, and they do them poorly.

And in order to maximize
the amount of money
they can take out of the
business as personal
income, they do more of
the day-to-day work
themselves, put in way
too many hours, burn
themselves out.

Then they get frustrated,
angry and disillusioned
because things aren’t
working out for them the
way they hoped and they’re not realizing the dreams of independence, wealth and lifestyle
they had when they first started their business.

With competition so fierce… often cutthroat, and customers more sophisticated, more
educated, and having more choices than ever before it’s nearly impossible for any business to
operate the same way it did just a few short years ago and maintain the same bottom line


Over 80% of All Startup Businesses Fail
Within Their First 5 Years

In the U.S. alone, there are more than 27 million businesses and the number increases every
day. But the failure rate of startups within their first 5 years of operation is over 80 percent!
The great majority of these businesses could have been saved if the owners just knew what to
do, or if they implemented what they already knew but didn’t have the time, energy, resources,
or manpower to put them into action.

In many cases, business owners are frustrated, they’re desperate, and they’re spending money
needlessly and foolishly on the next “magic pill” that they hope will help them gain a
competitive advantage, win a few new clients, and pay the bills this month.

These business owners are desperately seeking qualified help to solve their marketing, their
growth, and their profitability problems. Most of them know what needs to be done to solve
their problems and make their businesses more profitable.

The problem is, they either don’t know how to go about doing those things, they don’t have the
time, energy, or resources to do them, or they don’t know where to go to get the proper help.

The Most Common Action Business Owners
Take Are Often The Most Devastating Ones

When it comes right down to it, they really only have a couple of choices. They can either do
nothing… which means they continue operating with no changes and consequently, things
never change.

Or they can attempt to change things themselves by reading books and attending seminars and
courses. But what usually happens is they end up learning a few ideas and getting a handful of
concepts that never get implemented, and again, their situations never change.

Either one of those choices will bring less than optimal results and will likely end in a drained
bank account and further frustration for the business owner. There is also a third choice… and
that is to use the services of an outside consultant… an expert at growing and managing their
business so it operates at maximal efficiency and optimal profitability.

How To Cope With Poor Business Performance & Profitability

1. Do nothing
2. Try to fix it yourself
3. Get outside help


Most business owners don’t even consider this alternative because they either don’t know
which consultant to use, how to even go about looking for the right consultant, or they think it’s
too cost-prohibitive to hire an outside advisor.

Here’s How To Guarantee A Huge
Personal Income

The Sky is the Limit for When the right consultant comes along... the one who knows
the Demand for the how to uncover problems, identify hidden and untapped profit-
Services of a Competent producing assets and flush out time-sappers and efficiency-
Consultant, and the wasters, and then provide real, workable, and practical
Income You Can Earn is solutions in a manner that doesn’t cost the business owner a
Unlimited! dime out of their pocket… the decision to use that consultant is
practically a no-brainer.

And if you happen to be that consultant? It doesn’t take much to see that the sky is the limit for
the demand for your services and the income you can make.

The Opportunities Have Never Been Greater,
Nor The Potential More Lucrative


“Wow! I already had an extensive library of business books, and I had spent tens of
thousands of dollars educating myself on Marketing, Business strategy; and Copy writing. -
I had even written two business books of my own…

So I did not expect that getting the chance to spend three days with Martin Howey would
be that impactful. -Was I wrong!

Martin changed the model for my business with practical advice and materials which will
increase my income by at least $50,000 this year and ten times that in the years to come.

Martin truly is the “Masters Master” when it comes to business strategy and marketing.”

-- Chris Hanlon

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to not be able to sleep at night because you
were so excited about the work you had to do the next day? To have the people you work with
thrilled to see you? To earn more money in a month than you previously earned in an entire


year? And to be able to get away whenever you needed so you could spend time with your
family or enjoying your favorite activities?

Have you ever thought how your life would be different... how your attitude and perhaps your
outlook on the future may change if you had a fail-safe system that virtually guaranteed your
success? What if you were given such a system... a system that took you by the hand and led
you step-by-step to...

 Build an incredibly successful business consulting practice that has a never-ending flood
of business owners practically begging you to help them grow their businesses... and who
are willing to pay you any price you ask!

 Master the secret techniques only the top consultants know to get gatekeepers on their
side so they will gladly see that their message gets in front of the people who make the
buying decisions.

 Create a message that the decision maker can’t possibly ignore and compel them to
actually call you wanting to see how you can benefit them!

 Make it a requirement and condition of doing business with you for your clients to give
you quality introductions to other business owners who need, want, and would nearly kill
for your services... so you never have to prospect again!

 Establish joint ventures with influential centers of influence that can get you in front of
qualified prospects quickly and easily, and for little or no out of pocket expense!

 Command (and get) premium-level fees from businesses that other consultants can’t
even get in the front door of!

 Tap into the minds of some of the most successful business consultants in the world, so
you’ll always have a boatload of fresh new ideas to help your clients in any business
situation or challenge they encounter!

 Position yourself as not only the logical choice for your clients to consider... but in fact,
the ONLY one who has the expertise to solve their problems!

 Keep abreast of the latest cutting-edge, real-world business development strategies, and
light years ahead of your competition!

 Develop a business that gives you the time-freedom, the money-freedom and the
lifestyle that allows you to do the things you WANT to do WHEN you want to do them,
rather than the things you HAVE to do when you have to do them!

Now be honest... Would these things be of interest to you? If so, then let me tell you a little
more about me, what I’ve accomplished and what it can mean to you.


Who Is Martin Howey, And Why Should You
Listen To Him?

Martin Howey

Founder, CEO
TopLine Business Solutions

From Zero To $12.4 MILLION
In Just 6 ½ Months!

Several years ago, I co-founded a business development company that quickly became the
fastest growing business consultancy in the U.K. and Ireland. In just 6 ½ months we reached a
Chartered Accountant’s Valuation of $12.4 MILLION dollars!

But being away from home and my 6 children and the 17 grandchildren I had at that time was
taking a toll. Six weeks in the U.K., two weeks at home; six weeks gone, two weeks home... it
doesn’t take long to get tired of that… especially when you’re missing your kids and grandkids’
ball games, piano recitals, and singing performances. Well, if you are one who has your
priorities straight I think you can guess what happened.

I wrapped up my obligations overseas and retired for the second time. Problem was, word had
gotten around about how successful I had been at helping people create massively successful
consultancy practices and I was bombarded with requests for help in teaching others how to do
the same.

So after considerable requests and pressure, I completely overhauled my previous system,
updated everything, added tons of additional tools and resources, and included secrets that I
had never shared before with anyone… secrets that would make anybody, regardless of
previous business experience, get off to an incredibly fast start and create massive amounts of
income in their first 60 to 90 days. I wanted this program to be the best of its kind anywhere, at
any price. And it worked. There is absolutely nothing that can compare to it anywhere in the

The company I founded, TopLine Business Solutions, has trained more 4,263 consultants who
serve their clients in more than 5-dozen countries around the world. Many of these consultants


are so respected in their markets and are positioned so well that they have businesses literally
knocking at their doors asking for help.

Overall, the company did very well but because of its Martin, I just really
size and the complexities of running a large company, it wanted to thank you
was requiring too much of my time in administrative for your integrity and
duties and not allowing me to do what I really your honesty. I was
enjoyed... spending time helping our consultants build extremely skeptical in
successful businesses of their own. coming here.

So I sold the company and took some time off to enjoy My wife was raised by an Interrogator.
myself and my family (we now have 34 grandchildren But once we met you and got to hang out
and 2 great grandkids!). But when you have a good with you, we really felt good about it.
name and a solid reputation that has been built over
the course of more than five decades, it doesn’t take The quality of information you give, your
long before your services are once again sought out commitment and the incredible volume
and you are summoned back into business. of stuff you give is just fantastic. I’m just
really happy to have met you and am
And that’s exactly what happened to me. People who looking forward to working with you for a
know or, or who have heard of the successes of our long time.
consultants are finding me and asking if I will help them
get into the consulting business. And business owners If you’re thinking of coming here and
who are looking for help with their businesses working with Martin… get down here!
approach me regularly for my personal help or for the
referrals of consultants who can assist them. Andre Lereu

Problem is, now I have so many requests that there’s no way I can personally keep up, and I
don’t’ have enough consultants in certain markets to provide as referrals.

So I’m back in business and with a dedicated team of associates, am aggressively seeking
motivated self-starters who have either grown tired of working for someone else and want
more from life and their careers, or who may have been downsized, laid off or even fired from
their jobs and are looking for more than just another paycheck.

When we find the right people, we hold nothing back in giving them all tools, resources and
help they need to take advantage of this very lucrative and starving market. And we teach them
how to do it with no cold calling, no expensive marketing campaigns, no advertising or
telemarketing, and most importantly, no high-pressure selling or closing tactics. In fact, our
proprietary “No-Selling – No Pressure Presentation” has been touted as the easiest and most
effective way to motivate a prospect to take action.

Believe me it doesn’t get any better than that. My goal is to make it as easy as possible and do
everything in my power to make our consultants successful. And I pull out all the stops to make
it happen.


Nothing Is More Important Than
Character & Integrity… NOTHING!


“I rarely endorse other people but Martin is exceptional. And the best
thing is that he has integrity. Something that is lacking in many
business people now days.”

-- David Frey

I am very protective of the reputation I’ve worked so hard and for so long to create, and my
team and I strive to maintain the highest standards of providing quality solutions to our clients.
We invest a LOT of time, effort and money into each person we bring on. Plus, my personal
reputation and the reputation of all the other onboard consultants is on the line.

That’s why we use an application process to carefully screen each candidate to ensure that only
the right people... those who have the greatest chance of being successful marketing and
business development consultants are allowed onboard.

When it comes to training consultants how to become incredibly successful, nothing holds a
candle to the system I’ve created, tweaked, refined, and have used for my own consulting
practice and those whom I have trained for so many years. NOTHING!

And no one offers more real-world experience and personal support than my staff and me. NO

At first, this may sound like bragging, but believe me, it’s not. It’s pure and simple fact! Bragging
or boasting is not my style. In fact, I feel a little uncomfortable saying it… and the only way I can
is because it’s true.

Our files are full of success stories and testimonials that back it up. In fact this very document
that you’re reading is loaded with comments from people who have experienced the my
system, training, and support.

The late Dizzy Dean once said, “It ain’t bragging if you’ve done it.” My staff and I have done it
over and over and we continue to do it every day.

In this business you’ll find a number of “wannabe gurus” who sit behind a computer all day
pretending to know about marketing or business consulting. Some sell a handful of manuals, or


just as bad, have licensed someone else’s course and are selling it over the Internet or through
the mail.

Not so in this case. I’m in the trenches every single day with my sleeves rolled up helping our
consultants close deals and work with their clients to get fast and measurable results. My files
are full of success stories from clients I’ve worked with and consultants that I’ve trained
throughout the world.

Our consultants training program is based on my more than 50 years of personal business
consulting experience and training thousands of others how to do the same. It’s practical,
proven, and time-tested. It’s step-by-step and systematic. You won’t find theory or neat-
sounding ideas that someone else has supposedly done but have no results to back up their

When you attend our training, you’re going to learn from me... the founder and developer of
the TopLine system, and the trainer of thousands of consultants around the world. But that’s
not all. The follow up support you’ll get from us has been referred to as “world-class”... head
and shoulders above anything you can find in the marketplace.

But I certainly don’t expect you to take my word for it...

Just Imagine The Incredible Income And
Lifestyle You’ll Have When You Learn And
Apply The Same Tools As These Consultants


“I’ve learned new and profound ways and techniques to acquire clients. I
now know how to analyze their business in ways I never even thought
possible and how to pinpoint weak spots and then optimize them for
greater efficiency.

This gives me the confidence to go into any company or organization and
help them efficiently operate, grow and increase their bottom lines.

This experience has exceeded all my expectations!”

Larry Ostrovsky



“One of my best deals was to receive $15,000 in up front retainer, $5,000
a month, and 30% above the baseline.

The company was on the verge of bankruptcy and I turned the company
around and was able to assist them in every phase of their growth and
operation. Another is an executive search firm.

I get up to $4,000 per month and 20% over the baseline. This will pay
me$20,000 to $30,000 per month very shortly.”

Andre Larabie


“Inside of 2 months of completing my training, I have closed 2 deals – a
coffee shop that will pay me 12% of the gross revenue, and a $2.5 million
auto shop for a $1,500 per month retainer, then 25% of the revenue.

I’ve been able to position myself to negotiate a joint venture with a large
CPA firm and business broker. And I’m getting ready to do a presentation
to all of the branch managers of a 12-branch state-chartered bank, to do
seminars and joint ventures for the bank.”

Lake Furney


“I want to update you with regard to my progress and venture here in the
Philippines. I will lead my first two day business seminar in Laoag,

One hundred persons are registered and scheduled to attend. We have
arranged fees to be measurable to Philippines cost of living. I will make a
reasonable profit but the practice alone will make me more successful in
the States and other locations.

Thank you again for opening a world of business development and

Eddie Cross


It’s Not Just Our Consultants Who Rave About
Us… Well-Known, Top-Rated Business Gurus

Do It Too

Just listen to what Mal Emery, Australia’s number one marketing and business development
expert has to say about me and the TopLine system I created:

“One day I was having a chat with my friend Martin Howey. HE IS one of the top business
consultants in the world. This guy has fortune 500 companies lining up to use his services
because of the amazing results he can generate for any company.

“During our conversation I told him about my current dilemma systemizing all that my partner
Ian and I know into a ‘package’ that we could easily teach to other people so they too could

become world class business consultants, and how I had been scouring
the world looking for a system as good as his that we could give to
our consultants to use.

“Then in Martin’s Arizona drawl he said ‘You all don’t need
to worry. I love what you are doing, and I want to help you.
I would be proud to join forces with you in Australia! Tell
me what you need.’

“Well, this floored me because Martin has the most
successful Consulting Program in the world, so when he
offered to help us I knew I could confidently build a new
breed of Consultants because they will truly become
STREETSMART. And that folks, is where we are now.

“We have one of the most comprehensive training
programmes ever developed, we have added tons of
additional tools and resources and included secrets that I had
never before shared with anyone… secrets that would make
anybody, regardless of previous business experience, get off to an
incredibly fast start and create massive amounts of income in their first 60 – 90 days.

“It’s a system that any person who has had any experience in business could take out, follow
the instructions and then develop their own successful 7-figure coaching and consulting
business. I wanted this program to be the best of its kind anywhere, at any price. And it worked.
There is absolutely nothing that can compare to it anywhere in the world!”

Well, I’m sure you’ll agree that that’s quite an endorsement. And it means a TON to me coming
from such a well-known, well-established, and well-respected marketer.


A Turn-Key, Step-By-Step Program
That Ensures Your Success

In my more than 50 years in this business, I’ve developed a squeaky clean reputation for
producing results for my clients and the consultants I’ve trained the world over. As a result, we
get requests every day from business owners who want our help in creating and establishing a
competitive advantage for their business, growing their bottom line profits, and taking more
personal time away from their business.

But we simply can’t handle the requests or satisfy the demands for our services. In response,
we’ve developed a turn-key step-by-step system that trains people to help those businesses.
We work with brand new one-person startups, businesses that are struggling to make payroll,
businesses that are doing great, a number of the world’s largest and most successful
corporations and everything in between.

Once you’re training in our system, you’ll learn how to uncover and capitalize on hidden assets
and opportunities that lie dormant and untapped within a business and that have enormous
profit potentials for the business owner and huge payoffs for you.

You’ll have access to the latest, most effective and productive cutting-edge strategies and
systems that can help businesses increase market share and ensure their chances of success.

And you’ll be tapped into a network of accomplished international business consultants who
willingly offer their help and advice for any challenge you might encounter.

You’ll Learn How To…

1. Uncover and capitalize on hidden assets and opportunities
2. Get access to cutting-edge strategies and systems
3. Tap into a network of accomplished international business consultants

If you aspire to getting out of the rat race and into your own business – a truly high-profit, low-
overhead business that can reward you handsomely for the time, dedication and work you’ve
already invested in your business or professional life, then operating your own consultancy
practice may be just what you’re looking for.

You’ll enjoy working with business owners who not only need your help, but who are actively
seeking the exact systems, processes and methodologies that you have at your fingertips. And
when you see them put YOUR ideas into practice and profit from them, the rush you’ll get is
nearly impossible to describe.


What If You Could Do All This With...

NO expensive franchise fees. Our program is NOT a franchise, and unlike so many business
opportunities, we don’t require costly franchise fees that can run into the multiple 6-
figures, PLUS monthly royalties. In many cases, it can take years of working day and
night in the business before you break even. Not so with the our opportunity. There are
NO extra costs, NO hidden charges, and we’re not asking you to spend the fortune
you’re hoping to make!

NO long-term restrictive or binding contracts. We have a simple two-page Letter of
Agreement that removes the downside risk and makes it easy to run a profitable
business without being penalized for your success.

NO territorial restrictions. You are free to operate anywhere you choose. There are no
restrictions to any particular zone or geographical location.

NO employees (unless you want them). If you choose to run your business by yourself as a
solo operation, that’s fine. Many consultants do exactly that. On the other hand, if you
want one or more full or part-time employees to delegate certain tasks to, that’s up to
you. Either way you can run a highly profitable business.

NO office expenses (you can work from home if you choose). It’s up to you. If you wish,
you can work from the comfort and convenience of your own home and avoid the
expenses of a separate office location. If you need to meet with clients you can do so at
their place of business or a neutral location.

NO inventory to order, stock, or keep track of. Unlike some businesses that require you to
keep an inventory on hand and meet certain quotas each month, as a Business
Consultant, you have no physical products or inventory.

NO MLM or network marketing-type schemes. We are in NO way a multilevel marketing or
network marketing program, nor is it in any way related. There are no tiers, no structure
levels, and no overrides to share with others as a result of your efforts. However, if
another consultant refers a client to you, or requests your help in consulting with a
client, you may wish to work out a split-commission arrangement with that consultant.
The agreement you come to is entirely between you and the other consultant.

NO set hours (you can work full or part-time... your choice). As a Business Consultant your
time is your own. You don’t have a “boss” to answer to, nor do you have “set” hours to
work or a time clock to punch.

NO business name requirements (use your own name if you like). You are not required to
use our business name. You are free to brand your own business name instead of ours.
All brand recognition goes to your own personal business from all your marketing
efforts unlike that of a franchise arrangement.


Sound impossible? Too good to be true?

Well, it’s not. Every bit of what you’ve read is true and is waiting for you to embrace it, apply it,
and benefit from it. It’s taken me over 48 painstaking years, thousands of businesses, and
hundreds of consultants using trial-and-error and trial-and-success methods to perfect...

A Handful of Martin Howey’s Real-World
Consulting Clients

I’ve developed a proven and unparalleled track record of success over the years in consulting
with companies, associations and organizations of all sizes and types. My clients range from the
smallest one and two-person “mom and pops” to some of the world’s largest, most successful
and most well-known corporations. Here’s a look at some of my clients... names I’m sure you’ll

Yes, those are companies I’ve worked with. Every one of them. For some I’ve done seminars
and workshops. Others involved training their sales or marketing staff. And for a number I’ve
been intimately involved in hands-on consulting projects just like I teach our consultants to do
with their clients.


The Kind Of Credibility, Knowledge And
Expertise To Work With Companies Of

This Size And Stature Cannot Be

Claimed By Just Anyone

Believe me when I tell you that when it comes to business consulting, increasing sales, and
growing the revenues and profits of businesses, I know what I’m talking about. You can’t even
get in the door with these kinds of companies if you don’t know what you’re doing and if you
can’t deliver. I’m not bragging… it’s just the way it is.

But major corporations are not where most new consultants begin. There is far more money to

be made in small to mid-size companies where there are no

committees to deal with and who have to fight and scrap The REAL money is made in

every day for their very existence. working with small to

medium size businesses in

These companies are in desperate need of help, their owners your local community. Unlike
can make decisions instantly, can implement programs large corporations, these
quickly, and they can often be turned around on a dime. And businesses can’t afford even
this is exactly the market you will learn how to go after. ONE missed opportunity or
lost sale!

This market is absolutely massive and is grossly underserved.
And since I only work with a very limited number of highly selected and targeted businesses
myself, I decided to share my nearly five decades of business consulting experience with others
who have a similar passion for business, and who want to earn substantial amounts of personal
income for their efforts.

It’s About Time You Got Paid For The
Experience You’ve Gained

Over Your Lifetime

Let’s stop for a second and do some visualizing together. And let’s begin at the end and work
backwards. Picture yourself and the people who matter most to you... your family or your
friends... doing the things you would most like to do. It could be that you’re vacationing in an
exotic location, serving your community, helping the less fortunate, or just enjoying your time
and the people you’re with.

You may be relaxing or working hard at something. It really doesn’t matter. The point is, you’re
with the people you WANT to be with, doing the things you WANT to do. And when are you
doing this? WHEN you want to do it... not when someone else gives you permission, or when
you’ve finally saved up enough money.


Don’t Let Your Job Determine the
Lifestyle You Live

The reason you’re able to enjoy these things is because you have a business that provides you
the income that allows you to “buy” this kind of time and live this type of lifestyle. You’re able
to work the hours you want to work, with the clients you choose to work with, and you can do
it without having to worry about employees, an office location, inventory, or other costly

And the best part? You have a pipeline full of qualified prospects who can’t wait for one of your

current clients to drop off so they can take their place...

Most people live the kind of and they’ll pay whatever price you ask for your help.

lifestyle their job or income will Sound good? Well, let me tell you, it not only sounds
allow. good, it can become your reality... and faster than you

Smart people determine the kind of may think.

lifestyle they want to live and then

create a business that will support Now I know what you’re probably thinking about now…
that lifestyle. “This all sounds great, but can I do it? What are my

reasonable chances of success?” Great questions… let’s

explore the possibilities.

Four Critical Questions To ask Before Investing
In Any Type Of Franchise, Biz-Op, Career
Change, Or Money-Making Opportunity

Making a career change or investing in a business opportunity of any kind is serious business.
You may be giving up the security of a well-paying job, medical and dental benefits for your
family, a 401k or other retirement plan, and a regular and dependable income.

Depending on your financial situation you may be dipping into savings or as some people do,
even refinancing your home, or taking out a loan to get the cash needed for your new venture.
But before you do any of those things make sure you get satisfactory answers to these…

4 Critical Questions

1. Is the opportunity honest and ethical, is it based on sound and proven business
principles, and does it provide real value for the end users?

2. Is there a viable and hungry market for the products and/or services this opportunity


3. Has this opportunity worked for other people with similar interests, skill levels, and
backgrounds as I have?

4. Is there sufficient training and support that ensures that I have a better than average
chance of succeeding with this opportunity?

I Can’t Afford Mistakes... I Have
Too Much On The Line

Because my personal and business relationships are on the line I can’t afford mistakes. That’s
why I have been very careful to create a system that not only answers each of those concerns
affirmatively, but goes way beyond anything any other franchise, licensing, or business
opportunity provides. Here are some brief responses to each of the above points…

First, everything we do, everything we teach and everything we stand for has been proven

over and over in real-life, real-world situations. They work in businesses of all types and in
nearly every industry, profession, and business niche you can think of. If something hasn’t
been tested and proven and isn’t in the best interest of our clients’ business as well as the
customers and prospects who do business with them, we don’t endorse, teach, or
implement it. It’s as simple as that.

Second, there are more than 27 million small and medium-size businesses in the U.S.

alone, most of which are struggling every month just to make ends meet. Competition
among businesses is tougher than it’s ever been and prospects and customers are more
knowledgeable, more educated, and more demanding than ever. The bottom line is, the
market has never been greater nor the opportunity for the services our consultants provide
more needed, more desired, and more in demand.

Third, with more than 4,260 consultants worldwide using systems created by Martin, all of

whom have varied experience levels and backgrounds, the viability and effectiveness of
what we teach continues to prove itself over and over with each passing day.

Fourth, our training system has been referred to as “the most complete and most

comprehensive system for success in the business world.” Not only do we provide world-
class training and support, but we make it nearly impossible for you to fail. Just take a look


What Your Consultants Training
Workshop Includes...

All attendees in our workshops are personally taught by me, Martin Howey, a veteran of more
than 50 years of consulting with thousands of businesses large and small, and am considered by
many to be the industry’s leading trainer of consultants.

My experience, practical knowledge, information and application comes from the “real world”,
and is not based on theory or what the current popular author has written in his latest best-
selling book.

That said, I am always on the lookout for new information, new ideas, and new systems and
solutions. However, I will only introduce an idea into the system that either I or our consultants
have personally tried, tested and proven to work. With my hands-on involvement and training
you’re guaranteed of getting the most up-to-date and practical information and systems that
you can use in real situations, with real companies, and that will move you quickly to the
success level you wish to achieve for yourself.

30+ Pounds Of Practical, Tried And Proven

When you complete your training, you’ll have a complete ready-to-use “how-to” resource
library… if they were printed and weighed, about 30 pound…s of manuals and resources that
contain all the letters, forms, scripts, templates, and the information you need to start, run, and
profit from your own highly successful consulting business.

The training, the information, the instruction, and the networking you’ll get in this hands-on
workshop will not only prepare you for success, but will be like none other you have ever
attended or heard about.

Our unique 3-day hands-on, very intense and highly interactive training days have been
carefully designed to help you get the most benefit in the shortest time possible. In fact the
training focuses on delivering our complete marketing and business consulting system to you,
which is split into two elements or “sub-systems”…

• The Client Acquisition System: How To Get Clients
• The Business Optimization System: How To Rapidly Grow Any Clients Business


TopLine’s Comprehensive
Marketing System

The Client Acquisition The Business
System Optimization System

How to Get Clients How to Rapidly Grow
Any Client’s Business

If you think about it – there’s nothing more you need. So here’s how the training is structured…

The Client Acquisition System…

Nothing is more important to a business, whether just starting out or if it’s been around for
years, than a steady and continuing flow of new and profitable customers. Recent findings by
Marketing Resources, Int’l, show that across the board and in nearly every industry, profession,
and business niche, the average business loses between 18 and 22 percent of its customer base
every year.

But getting new customers doesn’t just happen; not for the
businesses you’ll be working with as a consultant, and certainly
not for you, just getting your consulting practice off the ground.
It takes a focused effort on a few very specific areas to keep the
customers coming. And because this step is so critical to you and
your clients’ businesses, we spend a LOT of time on these areas
in our training workshops.

Briefly, here are a few of the things that are covered in (of
course) much greater detail in our live workshops…

Identifying Your Ideal Client – The time and effort you put

forth is the same whether you target businesses that have very
little potential, or those that can make you a fortune. We’ll show you exactly which businesses
to target using our “Lead Generation System” and how to get your message in front of them in
such a way that compels them to reach out to you for more information on how you can help

Targeting The “Low Hanging Fruit” – Your goal should be to get your message in front of

very specific targeted types of businesses. There are three parts to this. First, you only want to


focus on the types of businesses that have the realistic potential of creating additional and
substantial profit increases for them, as well as put a significant amount of money in your

Second, ideally, you should be
looking for business owners who
recognize that they have a problem
and who are actively seeking a
solution or ways to overcome,
eliminate, or minimize that problem.

And third, in a very non-threatening,
non-salesy way, you want to get such
a compelling message in front of
them that the owners of those
businesses will practically crawl over
broken glass to work with you.

I know that sounds like a lot of hype, but it isn’t. When you have the right tools, systems, and
processes in place… tools, systems, and processes that have been proven to work time and time
again over several decades, the stress, frustration, and worry of getting new client is removed
and business is fun again. It’s not uncommon to expect to gain 3 or 4 clients out of every 5

Lead Generation System – The time and effort you put forth is the same whether you

target businesses that have very little potential, or those that can make you a fortune.

Selecting the right kinds of businesses to work with is critical. Choose the wrong ones and you’ll
spin your wheels and end up frustrated and wasting time. Once you learn how to determine
which businesses can profit most from your marketing and business development services (not
all companies are created equally and you’ll learn which ones are the best and most lucrative)
you’ll quickly be on the road to creating the income and lifestyle that you want. This session
alone will save you tons of time, wasted effort, and money, and is worth more than your
training investment!

Unique Positioning Tools – Identifying the right market… the actual businesses that not

only want and need your help, but the businesses that have the greatest potential for earning
you a massive amount of personal income is one thing. But positioning yourself in that market
as a bona fide expert… the ONE choice they have that can solve their problems and eliminate
their solutions… and do it in a cost-effective and profitable way is quite another. With the
TopLine system you’ll have everything you need, completely customized with your name and
brand to establish that expert status and make it a no-brainer for your prospects to see you as
the help they’ve been looking for.


Special Reports Resource Manual, including…The “Business Builder Pack™” – A

basic business principle is to give before asking. How in the world can anyone make a decision
to enlist the services of a consultant before having all
the facts, evidence and proof that the consultant
knows his or her stuff, can produce the kinds of
results they say they can, and are willing to establish
their value up front?

This is a very basic premise… show me what you can
do for me FIRST, and once I’m convinced, I’ll be more
likely to use your services and pay you your asking
price. Make sense? Like it or not that’s what the
market expects. And that’s where most people get in
trouble before they even start. They’re afraid of
giving away information up front. They want to
charge for their ideas. But that’s like asking someone
to marry you without dating them first.

You’ve got to somehow establish that you are the person that has the ideas, the strategies and
the solutions that are right for them. And the way you do that is to create immense value for
them up front, freely, with no charge and no strings attached. Why? Because no one will ever
believe that you give your best stuff
for free. They’ll think that you’re
always holding something better
back… that if what you’ve given
them is this good, then what they’ll
be getting if they pay you will be
even better.

The fact is, if you can’t convince
them to use your services with your
best stuff, you’ll never convince
them with anything less. So how do
you do it? What do you give them
that will convince them beyond the
shadow of a doubt that you’re the
“person on the white horse”… the ONE person who can ride in and save the day (or their
business) for them? Not to worry… we make it easy for you… VERY easy. You’ll learn how to
apply such a systematic, proven system to help your client rather than for you trying to sell
them on your services. The result may very well be more than a 70% conversion rate!


“Customers For Life” Book – Want to show your prospects and clients that you’re a real

expert? No better way than to be a published author. To
help you with that, we’ve ghost written a book for you and
give you instructions on how to personalize it with your own
name and picture and any of the content if you so choose.

Some consultants use the book with the same content, and
just change the
author’s name,
picture and book
title. Others give
the book an
entire new look and perhaps change some of the
content by using their own stories and examples, or
even adding a chapter or two.

With a full copyright release and permission to make
any changes you want, you’re free to White Label the
book and use as the ultimate positioning tool to establish you as an expert in your niche.

A core part of the TopLine sales process is our proprietary Competitive Intelligence
Report… this one piece of intellectual property will help you convert prospects
into enthusiastic, paying clients faster than anything we’ve ever seen!

“You in a Box” Recorded Interview – What if you had someone interview you and asked

you hard questions… questions that any business owner would love to have the answers to?
And what if you had the answers right at the tip of your tongue ready to fire back?

And what if you were to record that interview and post it
on a website, or burn it to a CD or a Flash Drive so you
could let prospects… the business owners you would like
to do business with listen to it to learn not only about
who you are and what you do, but some strategies and
ideas that they could readily implement in their
businesses and start improving their operations and
bottom line profits? Do you think this would be a valuable

Well, it is… and it’s what some of our top consultants are using to create credibility and
generate clients who are pre-sold on wanting the consultant to work with them.

The good news is, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. The script (for both the interviewer and
the consultant) are written, so all you have to do is get someone to ask you the questions and


you read back the answers while you’re recording it. It’s just that simple. And we show you
exactly how to do it.

The Competitive Intelligence Report is a detailed analysis of what the marketplace wants

and expects, how the businesses that serve that market fulfill those wants and expectations,
and what the gaps are between the expectations and the fulfillment. And it offers viable
suggestions and strategies to close the gaps.

But that’s not all. The CIR lists all your
prospect’s competitors and ranks them in
descending order according to how they’re
communicating their message to the
marketplace, what their strengths and areas
not to try and compete on are, as well as their
weaknesses and areas of vulnerability… areas
that you can attack and gain huge leverage in.

Clearly the company that recognizes these
shortfalls and capitalizes on the strategies the
Report provides will quickly gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace, lessen the
effectiveness of their competition, position themselves as the business of choice and literally
dominate their market.

Once your prospect sees how detailed and comprehensive this Report is, and the value it
contains, they’ll practically bend over backwards to get you to give it to them. But of course,
that doesn’t happen unless they become your client.

Because the Report is in template form it takes just a couple of hours to create. But the detail it
contains, not to mention the volume of information, makes it appear to have taken days to put
together. Using this Report will quickly and clearly demonstrate your expertise, show your
prospect that you know their market, their competition and what it takes for them to quickly
and cost-effectively take control of that market.

In fact, some of our consultants charge up to $6,500.00 to do a CIR for their clients – it’s that
valuable, and it provides that good of information.

Couple this document with the rest of the information, systems, templates, and scripts you’ll
receive, and in record time you’ll have more clients than you can handle. This is just one of
many proven strategies that will open otherwise closed doors – and there are more than a
dozen others just as powerful! For instance…


Marketing Systems Manual is crammed full of tested and proven “paint-by-the-number”

templated sales letters, space ads, postcards, press releases and promotions… unquestionably
some of the most effective and results-producing strategies available.

And they’re already written for you to use to generate additional clients for yourself or for use
in getting clients and customers for your clients’ businesses.

All you have to do is insert your name (or your clients
name) and personal information and you’re rolling! Used
as directed, these materials have the potential of creating
a nearly never-ending stream of interested prospects who
contact you (or your clients) for more information about
the benefits of your services.

This manual is so complete, that once you have installed
profit-producing systems in a client’s business, simply
return to this manual and you’ll have a treasure chest of
referral strategies to use on your client, and they’ll do
your marketing for you.

Oh and let’s not forget one of our most simple but
ingenious strategies (“The Referral Chain”) that enables
you to develop your business on a “by-referral-only” basis so you spend less time and money
marketing, and more time serving clients who need, want and can afford your services. At the
same time your clients will be so impressed they will be referring their colleagues and
associates to you on an ongoing basis.

In fact, we even show you how to make your clients give you referrals a condition of doing
business with you. How does that happen? We’ve built it right into the contract! When you
reach certain benchmarks in your work with them, the contract requires them to introduce you
to others who can use your services. The best thing? It works like gangbusters!

The “No-Selling Presentation™” – These proven and powerful presentation tools enable

you to demonstrate very clearly the quantifiable value you can provide the prospect’s

The best program or the greatest information in the world won’t do anyone any good if it isn’t
presented in an easy-to-understand, easy-to-apply, and relevant format. TopLine’s proprietary
17-20 minute PowerPoint presentation has been carefully designed to educate your prospects
about why businesses fail or why they aren’t making the money they are capable of, and it gives
them practical solutions to avoid or correct those situations.


When you lead your clients through this exciting presentation you’ll be positioned as an expert
who really understands what it
takes to succeed in business, and
someone your prospects know has
the knowledge, expertise, and
ability to help them solve their
business problems and grow their
profits. Then when quantifiable,
measurable, and actionable
strategies are shown to your
prospect and how those strategies
will positively affect their profit
potential, a closed sale is nearly
automatic without you having to

The Business Optimization Calculator™ – Want to literally blow your prospect away and

make it practically irresistible for him or her to do business with you? You will when you walk
them through our proprietary Business Optimization Calculator™. Using actual numbers from
your client’s business, you will very effectively demonstrate how they can double, triple, and in
some cases, even quadruple their bottom line profits... not in months, but in many cases, just a
matter of days or weeks. This unique tool alone almost guarantees to secure a client for you.

Of course these three amazing presentation tools (the Competitive Intelligence Report, the No
Selling Presentation™ and the Business Optimization Calculator™), are structured so they
automatically do the selling for you. You’ll never think you’re selling but it’s happening right
under your prospect’s nose!

When you use these tools you’ll be positioned as a bona fide expert, and it’s not unrealistic
that 3 or 4 out of every 5 qualified business owners you present to can result in them becoming
a paying client for you. They’re that powerful! And when that happens, you’ll fully appreciate
why you don’t need to master “closing techniques” or learn scripts or strong-arm selling tactics.

Next, you’ll use our simple strategies to determine the “perfect price” to charge your client so
you’ll get the maximum price for your services while your prospect automatically thinks they
have a fantastic deal (which they will!). It’s much easier than you think, once you know how to
do it!

One of the key gambits in negotiation is that each party walks away thinking that they got the
best deal. Believe me, both you and your prospect will not only think this, but you will both
have gotten the deal of a lifetime!

It doesn’t matter how great a consultant you are or how much value you can provide your
clients if you don’t have any clients to work with.


Getting clients is so crucial to your business that we spend an entire day on this process, and
give you tons of proven systems to help you land well-qualified clients who are eager,
motivated and ready to move forward.

But more than just “systems,” you need credibility. After all, how much credibility would you
possibly have if you’re promoting yourself as a Marketing Consultant but you didn’t know how
to generate clients for your own business? Or if you didn’t have the tools to produce customers

for the clients that are paying you for
your help and advice?

You’re not dealing with complete
imbeciles… your prospects are
business owners. And even though
they may not be running their
businesses with complete efficiency
and maximum profitability, they still
have a certain level of ability and
intelligence. More than that they have
an inherent level of skepticism and can
quickly tell if you really know your stuff
or if you’re “blowing smoke.”

So to help you in this area, we give you
an entire customer-generating tool kit
that is second to none in any industry. If it’s systems, strategies and methodologies that you
want – the kind that produce quantifiable, measurable and predictable results time after time,
either for yourself or for your clients – this tool kit is exactly what you’re looking for.

At the end of this session you’ll know exactly how to determine who your ideal target market
is, how to efficiently and cost-effectively get your message in front of them so they’ll contact
you wanting to know how you can benefit their business, how to make an effective and
compelling presentation that no truly sane person would pass up, and how to make giving you
referrals a condition of doing business with you.

The Business Development System

Pinpoint The “Lucrative Spots” – Using the “Exponential Business Growth Audit™” you’ll be
able to identify the areas of your client’s business that you can improve and capitalize on


This in-depth analysis tool gives you instant credibility with your clients, and like magic,
uncovers hidden opportunities worth thousands, tens of thousands, even hundreds of
thousands of dollars.

Although the Exponential Business
Growth Audit™ is a truly brilliant
analysis tool, it really is very
simple to use once you know how!

Not only does it uncover
previously untapped opportunities
in your client’s business, it also
provides you with the information
you need to create a very
effective operations improvement
system, complete with effective
marketing strategies together
with profit optimization strategies that will literally cause their bottom line profits, employee
morale and company culture to explode.

You’ll learn how to quickly and effectively conduct customer, competitor and staff research to
further identify profit-producing opportunities, using your new research tools and systems. Yes,
you have to do it, but you’ll be staggered at how easy we’ve made it with our propriety

The “Business Optimization System™” – This is the most complete and comprehensive

guide available for determining exactly where your client’s business is, what their potentials are
for improvement and what steps need to be taken to achieve their goals. Included, is the 50-

page Exponential Business Growth Audit™ that has been
described as the most comprehensive tool of its type.

Used properly, this indispensable tool can quickly position you
as a consultant who “knows their stuff”. Any consultant who
operates with less than this complete step-by-step, no-fail
system won’t stand a chance of competing with you.

You’ll get all the operations forms, templates, scripts, and
information you need to run a successful consultancy. This is not
a difficult business and there is no need for a thick binder full of
superfluous information that either goes out of date very quickly
or just takes up space. We have made every attempt to keep
things simple, easy and concise, yet full of power-packed
information that you can put to use with a minimum of effort.


This is unquestionably the most advanced business development and profit acceleration system
in use today. Based on more than 5-decades of practical, in-the-real-world experience with
some of the world’s largest and most successful corporations, as well as thousands of small and
medium size businesses, this is a no-fail, step-by-step system that guarantees a business’
success. There is absolutely nothing like it in the entire world, and if a consultant uses it
effectively, his or her success is virtually guaranteed.

Strategic Action Plan enables you to quickly

put together a business improvement plan that
will transform your clients’ businesses. Using the
Exponential Business Growth Audit™ and the
research results you’ve gathered you’ll be
staggered at how easy it is to create – even the
first time you do it!

Keeping The Project Moving At A Steady
Pace – You’ll learn how to apply the Strategic

Action Plan while ensuring your client receives
unbelievable value for their investment with you. Again this simple consulting process enables
you to keep producing startling results for your client over a sustained period of time.

In fact you’ll establish yourself as an indispensable member of your client’s team so they
continue to use you and your services over and over again not only for the results you produce
for them, but to also keep you away from their competition.

In summary, this session
takes you through the
step-by-step Business
Development System.
You’ll learn exactly what
to do to uncover hidden,
unknown or untapped
sources of profits, as well
as develop sustainable
streams of cash flow,
coupled with a lucrative
long-term relationship
with the client.


The Instant Results Profit Generation System – This thick manual is actually a “paint-

by-numbers” workbook that leads you step-by-step through a
very detailed system that is designed to uncover problem areas
within a business and quickly and effectively turn those
problems into profit-producing centers. With this manual in
your hands, you will have the confidence and know-how to
become a master consultant in no time at all.
You’ll discover the truckload of easy to use strategies that can
have an instant impact on your clients’ businesses producing
immediate cash for them. We’ve made it “brain-dead” simple
for you by giving you…
• Ways To Generate More Leads
• 63 Ways To Boost Conversion Rates
• 53 Ways To Increase The Size Of Customer Transactions
• 68 Ways Of Increasing Profit Margins
• 55 Ways To Increase The Frequency Of Purchases
• 38 Ways Of Increasing The Number Of Years Customers Do Business With You
• 57 Ways Of Getting More Referrals

Your Blueprint For Success! – Your training is methodically planned out every step of the

way to give you exactly what you need to be successful as a business development consultant.
And when you leave training? Same thing. You’ll have an actual “Blueprint” to follow. This
HUGE, 18”x34” document is a complete step-by-step, follow the numbers system that lets you
know exactly what to do at every turn.


You’ll never be in a position to wonder what to do next. Need help determining which markets
to target? What marketing pieces to use to land a client? What to do once you have a client?
Just look at the Blueprint and you’ll have it all laid out for you, along with the specific manual
and the exact page number for more detailed information.

This ONE tool has eliminated more frustration and saved the consultants who use it more time
than anything else.

“Fast-Start Guide” – Want to get your client’s business off to the fastest start possible?

You’ll need to if you want to them to be thrilled with their decision to enlist your services and if
you want to put cash in your pocket from day one. This incredible manual gives you a ton of
fast-start ideas and strategies that are ready to implement and begin creating big time results in
the shortest time possible.

“Bring A Client To Training” – Prior to the Workshop we’ll work with you to help you select

a business and get some pertinent information from them that can be used in your training.
You’ll use that business as a “case study” so you can apply what you’ll learn to a real “live”
Then once you get back home, it’s just a matter of implementing the strategies you’ve
developed for them in your training, and the results and income start rolling in. What better
way to get a fast start to getting your business off the ground.

Armed with your newfound
knowledge you’ll be surprised
at how easy it is to apply what
you’ve learned in training to
any business and have ready-
to-go solutions and systems at
your fingertips.

This is very powerful, and will
get you off to a fast start by
impressing your sample client,
setting the stage for referrals,
and generating immediate
income right from day one. As
part of the ‘Quick Start’
program, we’ll tell you what information to obtain from your clients and bring with you to


At the end of this session you’ll have a full understanding of all the strategies you’ll be applying
to your clients’ businesses and will know exactly what to do to start bringing in newfound
profits for them and putting more dollars into your pocket.

In Summary…

When you complete your training you’ll know exactly what to do, how to do it, and what results
you can expect from your efforts, from contacting a prospect, to securing a working
arrangement, to identifying problem areas in their business, to developing an effective and
workable consulting plan.

You’ll know how to provide follow-up support and get your clients’ entire team working as a
cohesive unit to produce even more bottom line results, and you’ll have them referring others
to you for your services. This is absolutely the most comprehensive, systematic, effective and
most importantly – applicable training you’ll find anywhere.

But it doesn’t stop there. There’s more… a LOT more.

The Support Never Ends. You’ll Be In Business
FOR Yourself, But Not BY Yourself

Once you complete your training, it’s not over. You’re not going to be forgotten once you leave
and go back home. Not at all. Here are just a few of the additional things you’ll be getting to
help you get your business up and running as quickly as possible and keep it running smoothly.

$30,000 Master Resource Library – We’ve already discussed a few of the manuals that

are included in this huge resource library. But
that was just a drop in the bucket compared to
all the other resources you’ll be getting. When
you complete your training, you’ll have a
complete ready-to-use $130,000 “how-to”
resource library… if all printed out, about 30
pounds of manuals that contain all the letters,
forms, scripts, templates, tools and the
information you need to start, run, and profit
from your own successful consulting business.

The training and the information you receive are
not only top notch, but this resource library
takes the entire program to the next level.


This library had taken more than 50 years of trial and error, and trial and success effort and
experience to compile, and has been responsible for more than $10.7 billion in increased
productivity, sales and profits, as well as very substantial incomes for the consultants who refer
to it regularly. This one element in the TopLine system is worth many times the amount of the
investment you make in your training.

Group Coaching Teleconferences – You’ll have the opportunity to participate in our live

and interactive group coaching calls that provide some of the best and most comprehensive
training and support to be found anywhere. Some calls are conducted by our staff or other
more established and successful consultants.

Other calls feature well-
known experts, speakers,
authors, and consultants from
other fields or industries.
Almost every call has time set
aside to share personal
success stories and/or elicit
help or suggestions from the
group on a particular problem
or challenge one of the group
may be having. And if you
can’t make the call? No
problem. Calls are recorded
and posted to a special
member’s only website so you can listen (or re-listen) at a time that’s more convenient for you.

Personal Coaching Teleconferences – You will be given access

to an online appointment scheduler that will enable you to schedule
one-on-one calls for help on matters that are important or personal
to you. It may be that you need help with an ad, a sales letter or a
marketing campaign for a client and you’re either stuck for creative
ideas or you just want a second opinion.

Sometimes it may be just an idea or a suggestion that you need that
can turn the corner for you and either help you land a client, or take
your existing client’s business to the next level. Other times it may be
a complete rewrite that you need. Our team is standing by to help.
These critiques or evaluations are yours to use as you wish. You
schedule the time. You set the agenda. You determine what the
topics we discuss will be. This ONE feature is worth your entire


Million Dollar Resource Rolodex – Need a source for DVD cases? Printing? Audio or video

recording information or duplication? Outsourced services or a virtual assistant? Don’t call just
anyone. By accessing our Million Dollar Resource Directory you’ll have a complete rolodex of
proven, tested, and trusted vendors, products, and services at your fingertips that can be of
immense value to you.

Discounts On Products And Services – From time to time, various vendors, suppliers

speakers, or presenters present their products and/or services to us for consideration… either
for you as a consultant, or for your clients to use in their businesses. In some cases, these can
add additional income sources for you. Best of all, whatever discounts these vendors or
presenters make available to us are passed directly on to you.

Email Pipeline – As need, you will get email updates, ideas and new strategies… valuable

updates on the latest cutting-edge information available that can help you run your business
smoother, help your clients’ businesses operate more profitably, and put more dollars in your
bank account.

“Okay, I’ve Finished Training, Now What Do I Do?” Quick Start Guide – No sense in

learning all the great things you can do for a client and then not knowing where to start. Our
end-of-training-wrap-up will give you a step-
by-step sequence of things to do to get your
business off to the fastest start possible. No
more guessing.

No more delay in recovering your investment.
No more wondering where the next check is
coming from. Just follow the simple steps in
this well thought out sequence and you’ll
create a massively successful and profitable
business consultancy faster than by any other

“Xtreme Marketing Strategies For Radical Results!” Home Study Course – From

time to time you’re going to run into business owners who’s business isn’t in a position to
warrant your personal one-on-one consulting services. The business may not be big enough,
there may not be enough cash flow, the business can’t afford your fees, or the business or the
market that they operate in is not one you personally want to be involved in.

There still may be some good income opportunities there, but not for the services you offer.
Well, we have that covered.

The Xtreme program has been carefully designed to help a business owner go through the steps
that you, as a consultant would for his or her company and act as their own “consultant.”


The course comes with an Action Guide
with all the letters, forms, scripts, and
templates, and the accompanying Manual
explains every step on every page just as
if you were there yourself leading the
client through every exercise.

There is also a “Consultant’s Guide” that
gives you sales tools, pricing guidelines,
and tons of additional resources that you
can use to sell the course, lead them
through it in small groups if you desire, or offer as an alternative to using your personal
services. This is an excellent source of additional income for people who can’t afford you or
who want to do it themselves, that otherwise you would miss out on.

The TOP SECRET reason behind the success
rate of our consultants is found in SYSTEMS.

We understand that this is a very big decision and you may have thoughts running through your
head like, “But I don’t have an MBA, or any kind of formal education, I’ve never been in
business, I’m not a salesperson… would someone actually pay me for my advice?” or “Could I
really help a business owner increase their results?”

These are perfectly natural thoughts… thoughts that almost everyone has at the outset. But not
to worry… we have it all figured out.

So why are TopLine consultants so successful… even if they start out with no prior business,
sales, or management experience? It’s really quite simple… The fastest way to success is by
following a proven system that leads you step-by-step through the process.

I can’t tell you how many people come to us and say that they own an entire library of
marketing or business development materials from other authors, trainers, or so-called
“experts” or “gurus”, but they just don’t know what to do with the information.

Then when they complete their TopLine training, they tell us that this is exactly what they have
been looking for, a step-by-step, paint-by-the-numbers systematic process for implementing all
the information and ideas.

If you want quick success or a shortcut, the easiest and smartest way to get it is to find
someone who is already successful in doing what you want to do and copy them.


The simple reality is, if you follow a millionaire around and do exactly what he or she does, you
spend your time and invest your money the same way they do, and you do everything exactly
as they do, the outcome will be very predictable… you will become a millionaire. There’s no
escaping it. It’s an irrefutable law of nature.

This concept of “shadowing” successful people or systems applies to any other type of business
or area of success a person is desirous of attaining… including consulting.
Knowing that, why would anyone want to reinvent the wheel? Do they possibly think they can
save money by trying to do it themselves and not investing in a system that’s proven itself over
and over again? Maybe they can.
But when you calculate the money they will lose during the time it takes them to duplicate
already established and proven systems and methodologies, they’ll be so far behind that they’ll
never catch up.


A Visual Recap of the “Stuff” You’ll Get As a
TopLine Business Consultant


3 Day Intensive TopLine’s unique, proprietary system for starting, running, and profiting $30,000
Business Consultants from your own successful and highly lucrative consulting practice. You’ll
Training learn how to help virtually any business in any industry or profession
improve their operational efficiency and generate massive increases in
Workshops and bottom line profits.
Five different formats for seminars, workshops, Executive Roundtables, $12,000
Resource Library Lunch ‘n Learns, VIP Days, etc. that you can give to small groups who
can’t afford your one-on-one consulting, or who want to learn what to
Client Acquisition do and do it themselves.
A treasure-trove of proven-in-the-trenches marketing and business $30,000
Special Reports development resources (forms, templates, scripts, contracts, etc.) that
makes your job as a consultant brain-dead simple, and that you will
Client Conversion refer to over and over.
TopLine’s actual lead generation systems that will enable you to get

qualified business owners who are serious about improving their $10,000

businesses seeking you out to learn more about how you can help them.

20 powerful, multi-page business building reports ready to put your $5,000
name on and use as “lead magnets” or give-aways to give prospects a
sampling of what you can do for them and their business. ($250 each)

The most powerful system of any kind to help you convert qualified $10,000
candidates into paying clients without you having to “sell” them.

Competitive Intelligent This ONE tool will pay for your investment itself. It’s what many of 15,000

Report TopLine’s consultants use to exceed a 70% conversion rate.

Software Numerous calculators and tools including… $5,000
• Business Growth Calculator $6,000
Webinar Training • No Selling Presentation $3,000
Lead Generation
Website Periodic training via webinar or screen share to keep you on track in $12,000
achieving your goals
Instant Results System
A website complete with lead magnet that you can use to establish your
credibility and generate qualified leads.

444 different ways to improve your clients business, including…
• 110 Ways To Generate More Leads
• 63 Ways To Boost Conversion Rates
• 53 Ways To Increase The Size Of Customer
• Transactions
• 68 Ways Of Increasing Proft Margins


• 55 Ways Of Increasing Frequency Of Purchases
• 38 Ways To Increase The Number Of Years A Customer Does

Business With You
• 57 Ways Of Getting More Referrals

“Customers for Life” White Label Rights to your very own pre-written marketing book. The $5,000
Book ultimate tool for positioning you as an expert in your niche.

“You in a Box” - A A powerful pre-written script with questions for an interviewer to ask $6,000
Personal Recorded you, and your answers written out. Record and burn to a CD or Flash
Interview Drive or put it on a website and you’ll have prospects lined up to want
to know how you can help them implement what you talked about in
Return to Training their business.

Private Online You can return to training up to two times per year (space permitting) $15,000
Membership Group for a refresher or to learn the latest techniques and strategies.

Ongoing Support You’ll have access to a private online membership area where you can $5,000
see what others are doing, post questions that you need help with, and
Xtreme Home Study help others who need assistance with an area you are familiar with.
Lifetime support to get help on tough areas, difficult sells, and all your $7,128
Joint Venture with questions answered. ($297 per month for 24 months)
Advertising Agency
Some business owners can’t afford your personal consulting or may $10,000
Personal Training and want a DIY course. This complete course is available for you to offer as
Mentorship From an additional source of income.
Martin Howey
An ad agency at your fingertips to help you create and place ads, buy $10,000
media, and create collateral materials

A veteran of more than 50 years in business, and having trained in Priceless
excess of 4,200 consultants in more than 5 dozen countries, Martin is a
virtual encyclopedia of marketing and business efficiency wisdom. Any
conversation with him will leave you with more ideas, tips and
strategies than you thought were possible. No one else in the industry
can match Martin for his knowledge, wisdom, and expertise. This
mentorship alone is difficult to put a price on.

TOTAL VALUE $146,628

Hang On, It’s Not Over Yet.
It Gets Even Better!

What you’ve just read sounds like a lot… and it is! But I wanted to make your investment in
your new career something that couldn’t be touched by anyone, anywhere, with any kind of
opportunity. And I want you to be so massively successful that you’ll never EVER have to worry
about money or how you’re going to pay the bills, educate your children, provide for your
elderly parents or your retirement ever again. So I put together a one of a kind arrangement
that literally ROCKS!


You see, once you have a client and uncover their needs and challenges, you’re going to
discover that they are going to need help in a lot of areas… areas that you may not want to get
involved with, or that you can outsource to someone else who can do a better job because of
their experience and expertise, and can do it faster and less expensively than you can.

When it comes to high-level advertising, marketing and public relations… you may want to call
in an expert who specializes in and focuses on those areas and does nothing else. They’ll have
expertise, capabilities, and national media buying power that you can’t match. So I’ve tied you

A Joint Venture That Will Literally Line
Your Pockets With A Huge
Residual Income

Just listen to this… with our affiliation with the number one local retail agency and creative
production house in the nation, you will be able to give your clients creative production and
creative services that are TWICE AS GOOD…delivered TWICE AS FAST… and at HALF THE PRICE
of most any other production house in the world.

You can have a virtual FACTORY working for you to produce TV and Radio commercials, long
form videos, collateral materials, print ads, logo designs, media buying, research, etc. Just look
at this list of services that you’ll be able to offer your clients. And the best part? While giving
your clients the very best rates, you make money on these services too!

Instant Turnkey Success… that’s what we’re all about. And no other
company can offer you that the way we can!

Advertising - Television, Radio, Print Collateral and Marketing Materials
Advertising Analysis, Research, and Employee Relations
Evaluation Planning and Goal Setting
Market and Media Research Sales Training
Corporate Imaging Editorial Writing
Sales and Marketing Services Media Kit Development
Direct Marketing Press Relations
Media Relations Government and Community Relations
Public Relations Fund Raising
Hispanic Advertising and Marketing Investor Relations
Internet Web Design and Maintenance Speaking Engagements
News Releases Event Planning
Billboard Design Crisis Management
Client and Customer Communications Real Estate Sales and Marketing


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