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May 2017
1 Northlander



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Special Sponsor’s Choice award honoring Hƒ””›‡ƒ‘„‹•‘

Lunch served by Kathy’s Kitchen –̈́ͷሺ’”‘…‡‡†•–‘ሻǡ—†‡”ͳʹˆ”‡‡


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2 Northlander May 2017

May 2017
1 Northlander


Volume 40 Number 4 May 2017

Editors Upcoming Events

David Churcher May 9 Board Meeting
May 20 Rally #1
Nancy Broadhead


4 Board of Directors & Committee Chairs
5 Editors’ Desk
Statement of Policy
6 Membership
Northlander is the official
publication of the North Country 9 President
Region (NCR), Porsche Club
of America (PCA). Opinions 28 Safety
expressed herein are purely those
of the writer and are not to be 31 The Mart
construed as an endorsement
or guarantee of the product or 32 Advertisers’ Index
services by the Board of Directors
of NCR. The editor reserves the
right to edit all material submitted
for publication. Material may be
reprinted by PCA Regions without
permission provided credit is given
to the Northlander and the author.
The regular article and Advertising
closing date for the Northlander
is the 1st of the month preceding
the publication month. See
page 38 for advertising rates.

2 Northlander May 2017

Features Looking Back


17 Rally Corner

18 Tech Session #1 ... Ed’s Barn 18
20 2017 Lit Meet

22 2017 Autocross #1
34 WEC Six Hours of Silverstone

25 Do You Uber?


On the Cover

Autocross #1; April 22, 2017
It was a winter day in late April. Cold and bleak. But filled with enthusiastic people.
Photograph by David Churcher.

May 2017
3 Northlander


President Jeff Torrey (C) (603) 234 8898
Vice President
Secretary Bill Hutchens (C) (239) 348 5768
Past President Nancy Broadhead (H) (603) 526 6578
Membership Chair
Newsletter Editor Tracy Hutchens (C) (603) 491 2163

Matt Romanowski (H) (603) 674 3250

Laura Futterrer (H) (207) 698 1104

David Churcher (C) (603) 799 4688

Safety Edgar Broadhead (H) (603) 526 6578

COMMITTEES  TBD (H) (978) 534 0118
(603) 305 4045
Advertising Chair Joe Kraetsch
Ollie Lucier (C) (781) 367 3592
Autocross Co-Chair Dave Logan
Car Control Clinic
Charity Ivy Cowles (C) (603) 767 6461
(O) (802) 773 9100

(603) 340 6141
Chief Instructor Steve Schindler

Concours David Doran

Drivers’ Ed Pat Maloney (O) (978) 458 6100
Historian Judy Hendrickson (H) (603) 881 7576

Rally/Tours Bill White (603) 465 7368
(H) (603) 560 4911

Webmaster Dick Demaine

Senior Advisors Edgar & Nancy (H) (603) 526 6578
Social Bill Meyer (928) 308 1435
( 603) 440 9804

Technical Jay Gratton

4 Northlander May 2017

Our April issue of Northlander appears to have been well kitty and can be a big chunk of that needed infusion. To get
received. Comments I have received indicate it was even the numbers we need to guide us in data based decision
better than the March issue and this was due in part to making for 2018 we will have a Northlander specific sur-
the number of contributors. Thank you all who wrote the vey in late May. Using the results of the survey we can see
articles for us and a special thanks to the photographer how many members want Northlander, if they are willing
(Miriam) who caught that great shot of the 718. to pay for it, and if we can maintain the type of magazine
we have today.
If you have not yet read [president] Jeff’s column in the
April issue I urge you to do so. This editorial column will Northlander could change just as Jeff’s article hinted. What
address the same topic and therefore requires understand- sort of changes? Less pages? Black and white only? Lighter
ing the issues raised. paper stock? Revert back to a half page size? Fewer issues?
Web only? Oh, dear! This poor editor shudders to think!
NCR does work to a budget and The Board takes the re-
sponsibility to keep NCR in the black. We are healthy and Northlander has, since Tracey and I took on the editor posi-
in the black. But Northlander does get a cash infusion from tion, twice won the PCA Division 4 prize as best in class.
the kitty. That is to say we can not get a Northlander like With the above possible changes it probably would not
we have today with only the PCA infusion and our adver- achieve that prize again. We get applause every month
tiser income. If we had to rely only on these incomes the from readers in South Africa, Australia, Germany, and the
Northlander would look pretty bad or, preferably, not exist UK. These wins, and applause, are a good part of why edi-
rather than look that bad. Other groups within NCR do tors and photographers do what they do. Without it there
generate income. They perhaps get an intrinsic benefit is less reason to be an editor or photographer.
from Northlander. But how do we measure such a benefit?
Jeff has asked for your input. Please give him your thoughts
The club has about 550 members and they have diverse as he has requested. You can send your email to him at:
interests. Not everyone wants to drive around, and around,
at NHMS. Not everyone wants to assault innocent cones. ... and if you have a few words
Not everyone wants to rally, or show. But some persons for the editors we are:
really do like the feel of a nice magazine and the pleasure
of seeing the photos and articles of their fellow members. ... you can do a cc to us.
This is a reason for Northlander to exist and it is as impor-
tant to support as any other facet of the club. Don’t miss the coming survey on our web site in late May.
Please don’t think your comments or show of support are
Many PCA clubs charge a subscription fee for their maga- not necessary or not an influence. It’s your club, it’s your
zine. This gives the members a chance to support the mag- magazine, they both need your input.
azine or not bother with it. Of course it also adds to the

May 2017
5 Northlander

Laura Futterrer Mark Labrie
Glen, NH – 2013 911 Carrera S
New Members:
Richard Lank
Joseph T Byrne Concord, NH – 2014 Boxster S
Alton Bay, NH – 2006 Cayenne Turbo S
Haleem Mediouni
Laureen Hadley Merrimack, NH – 1972 911T
Tuftonboro, NH – 2015 Boxster
Charles Virgin
John Jones Bow, NH – 1999 Boxster
Kearsarge, NH – 2015 Boxster GTS
Theodore Wroblewski
Gene Lyras Kearsarge, NH – 2007 Boxster
Lee, NH – 2013 911 Carrera S
2 Year
Neil Robinson
Londonderry, NH – 2015 911 Carrera 4S Bob Cairns
Londonderry, NH – 2007 911 Turbo
Jeff Sercel Jim Daley
Meredith, NH – 2016 Cayman GT4 Kingston, NH – 1988 911 Carrera / 1978 911 SC Targa

Kenneth Taylor Ross Gott
Nashua, NH – 2015 911 Carrera 4 New London, NH – 2011 911 Carrera S

William Toohey Michael Murray
Keilor Lodge, VIC Australia – 2014 Cayman S Caroline Murray
Amesbury, MA – 1976 911 Turbo
May Member Anniversaries:
Syd Rouleau
1 Year Ossipee, NH – 1983 944

Gary Cole 5 Year
West Ossipee, NH – 1964 356
Corrine Vitolo
Andrew Gallinaro Jonathan Vitolo
Manchester, NH – 2005 911 Carrera S Rye, NH – 2013 Panamera

Jeffrey Keefe
Portsmouth, NH – 2015 Boxster S

6 Northlander May 2017

10 Year Maria Dona, DMD, MSD, DMSc
Sheila E. Tucker, DMD, MMSc
Bob Sauer
Ginger Sauer Andover eriodontics
Princeton, MA – 1985 911 Carrera
Two Stevens Street
20 Year Andover, Massachusetts 01810
Phone: (978) 475-0567
Akira Mochimaru Fax: (978) 475-7169
Justin Chen
Natick, MA – 2009 911 Carrera / 2009 911 Carrera /
2009 911 Carrera

Gary Wielgoszinski
Dover, NH – 1987 944

Please notify the membership chair: if you have changed your
home or email address.

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May 2017

8 Northlander May 2017

Jeff Torrey - Just around the corner...

For this month I would like you to take a moment and focus on the Rally program. As president of the NCR-PCA I feel that
it is my job, duty, objective to empower the people that produce these events for you. I would like to acknowledge the
efforts of Bill White and Bill Meyer. Not only for their support, but for their vision. I do not have the time, at this time, to
create such a program... that they have put together for you. I have always thought that if a Porsche runs with a Porsche,
it’s two Porsches running together. My father taught me if you sit down together and share a meal, you are family. We all
have an opportunity to sit down together at this time, I can not promise you where we all will be next year. Please check
out the Rally program, in my opinion it is something special. Something we should not take for granted, something that
may not be here forever.

Each week new Porsche owners are signing up and membership is growing. Our objective continues to be to offer a
diversified program for each and every Porsche owner in this club. As a young boy I always admired and appreciated my
father for his dedication and devotion to his family. It is with that spirit that I take the time, and we spend time together.

Many thanks.

May 2017
9 Northlander

Judy Hendrickson LOOKING BACK

It’s April 14 as I write this and it seems the weather can’t make up its mind. The first few days of the week were downright
summer like with temps reaching into the 80’s. Yesterday and today were closer to Spring temps but still 10-15 degrees
above normal. I’m a definite believer in climate change and I do think it is happening now. Its main characteristic, based
on ice core and tree ring samples, is extremes. And we have sure had them.

At any rate my ski season is over having made it to the slopes more than 55 days this past winter with excellent conditions
most of the time, although it could have been a bit brighter, flat light was definitely the recurring visibility. Now on to
the driving season with NCR’s inaugural event at Palmer Motorsports Park just off I-90 in MA April 28-30. This will be the
inaugural run with Chiquita’s new 915 transmission along with a few tweaks in shocks and oh – limited slip!

There were no issues of Northlander in 1987 beyond March and we covered the April/May 1997 issue last month. So
we will just cover the May 2007 issue this month. In addition to the full rest of the year’s calendar and regular columns
from the NCR officers Hank Cowles reported on his first visit to Amelia Island for golf and his chance encounter with the
Concours d’Elegance held there. He has since become a regular attendee and worker at this event along with becoming
a homeowner there often hosting other NCR members who decide to escape the NH winter for a bit of Florida sunshine.
Dave Karl had an instructional article on driving on track in the rain. The first advertising for NCR’s Fall Get-Away provided
the centerfold – The Balsams Resort in Dixville Notch (now sadly closed but hopefully to be resurrected to even greater
glory). There was also coverage of two tech sessions, one with racer Phil Lombardi, then of the Skip Barber Racing School,
and the other with Dick Horan of Precision Imports on engine electronics. There was also an article covering a Wine,
Cheese and Movie social. Lastly, John Rahill told the story of how he and co-pilot Peter Hood came upon the RUF Boxster
they currently use as a track car. I have reprinted it below for your enjoyment. It’s akin to a Found in a Barn story.

10 Years Ago (Volume 30, Number 5 (May 2007)

10 Northlander Cover photo by Hank Cowles
May 2017


John Rahill

Peter Hood and I own several 914’s between us, most of which don’t run. There was a plan for each of them at some
point, but the problem is time. While our colleagues retire about us, we both have the problem of running businesses, and
therefore have little time. We are thankful therefore that our white 914 has been a very reliable car, ever since we stuffed
in the 3.2 motor about 8 years ago.

Early last year, when the car was unusually unsorted, and we were both being passed with regularity in our respective run
groups, we started thinking it must be the outdated technology we were driving. With the two of us flogging the little
1970 car at DE events, we figured it is only a matter of time before it gives up or we stuff it, and rather than miss a big
part of the track season (or admit that it was the driver that was suffering from old hardware, not the car), we decided to
be ahead of the game and start our next project car- a track Boxster. We admit to be stuck on the mid-engine concept.
Edgar advised us to look out for a post -2000 model, so we instructed our friend at Morse’s Auto to look out for a wrecked
or motorless Boxster when he went to the auctions. His budget limit was $8000. Our plan was to get something going,
and slowly upgrade the motor and suspension, and of course strip all the unnecessary stuff off of it to gain more “cheap
horsepower” as the initial step.

Six months went by and Brian Morse has found nothing. Either “over your budget” or “too far away” or “I didn’t feel
good about the description.” We are in no hurry. Then in September, he calls and says he has something that looks “inter-
esting”- a 2001 Boxster with a stove-in right side which “drives.” “What is a RUF?” he asks, and wonders how the actual
cash value for insurance, can be $54,000 for a 6 year old Boxster that didn’t cost that much when new.

Ooooo, this sounds interesting. We get the VIN # off the CoPart Auction site, and Peter calls RUF Automobilia in Houston.
“That car is not a Porsche,” says Hans Hoffman. “That is a RUF.” Unusual to be sounding so proud that the car is not a
Porsche, but okay, who are we to argue? He confirms that it has a RUF VIN #, was purchased in Germany, and that it al-
most certainly has a 3.4 liter 911 motor and a RUF tweeked ECU. Because the cars are all custom orders, he can’t confirm
what other upgrades are included, but we can see from the fuzzy photos on the auction website that it has GT3 seats and
a 911 instrument cluster, so we get pretty interested in the possibilities. (It might have the 330mm massive brakes, the
6-speed tranny, the fancy suspension, the custom exhaust, etc, but we can’t tell). “Think of the money it will save us in
upgrades,” we rationalize, as we try and decide how high we are willing to go in our bid. We agree to double our initial
budget. Peter points out that with two of us, everything is half price — a dangerous way to look at it, but comforting at

The auction has two phases — the pre-bid auction that goes on for the week preceding the electronic phase, scheduled
for 11:15. By the final day we are high bidder at half our maximum, but we are not too confident that this means any-
thing. The bidding time is here, and Peter is installed at the computer at Morse Auto, waiting for the electronic phase to
begin. I am off to St. Johnsbury to a meeting, but am on my cell phone, keeping in touch with my potential “investment

Peter is understandably nervous, knowing that at every flinch of his finger he has spent another $200. The boys at Morse’s
have never gone after a car this expensive, so there isn’t much work getting done at this moment, as folks are looking

May 2017
11 Northlander

over Peter’s shoulder. The bidding starts. It goes up steadily by $200 increments. There is another bidder, in Connecticut,
but that seems to be all. Things look good, and we march along playing chicken with one other person. Suddenly we
are alone, apparently having purchased a RUF Boxster for well below our agreed upon maximum. This is an exciting (can
you spell crazy) way to buy an automobile, and now we have to await the moment of truth, when we find out what we
actually purchased.

A couple of days later, work is pushed aside and we make an early morning run down to Poughkeepsie to pick up the
car. Brian has warned us that the guys at the salvage yard are grumpy and don’t care about much, and they typically pick
up cars with big forklifts. “Bring some extra cash,” he says, “and tell them it’s a driver, and ask them how much it would
take to skip the fork lift and drive it out.” Sure enough, when we arrive, a nice new Mercedes is bouncing along on the
forks of a big pay loader, on its way to a waiting flatbed (Aren’t there lots of delicate plastic parts on the bottom of our
car?). We wander past the gate into the yard of crunched vehicles, and are asked by the first gentleman we encounter to
go back outside and wait. A few minutes later a young kid in a huge payloader reaches down for our paperwork. We try
the “It’s a driver, can you drive it out?” line, and he nods in the affirmative and we wait a few minutes and, sure enough
it starts and in fact drives. Quick assessment: fat front right Michelin tire is gashed, fancy Fikse wheel is bent, the whole
thing seems a little twisted out of square (oops, we didn’t notice that on the little internet photos), but it sounds excellent,
and there is no oil spilling from the drivetrain. The brakes are huge-the $5900 330 mm upgrade, and the ECU has a big
RUF decal on it, and we notice a 3400S on the rear lid — something else that was not visible from the pictures — so far we
are feeling pretty lucky, and thankful that the RUF upgrades of the car were not mentioned or visible in the descriptions.
We rationalize that if we can’t fix the shell, our investment in bolt-on parts: 3.4 motor, 6-speed tranny, big brakes, wheels,
trick exhaust, suspension is still a sound one. And that’s not counting the sound system which has a suitcase size amp
under the hood, or the 911 instrument cluster, or the custom front bumper, which doesn’t make it go or stop any better.
We realize we are suddenly in a new league (which is soon confirmed when we go to price out a new custom Fikse wheel).
That evening we take the car up to Ellis’ frame shop, to see if this thing can be straightened. After a few nervous minutes
while he looks over the damage, we are relieved when he says “we can pull this,” which is as close to encouragement as
we can expect from Ellis, who is not much of a salesman. He has a small two bay garage next to his house, no sign, and
when we ask him for his business card, he can’t find one. One bay, however, has a big frame machine that fills the place,
and it is not a surprise that he has all the work from the local dealers that he can manage. A few years ago he performed
a miracle on my “totaled” rally car that had a head-on meeting with a big tree, and he performed some amazing surgery
and got it straighter than it ever had been. Time goes by, and we get an order from Ellis for a door and a right rear quarter,
including the front of the door post. One is located north of Boston; I pick it up, and drop it off at his shop. Time goes by,
and though we hate to push, we are pretty anxious to get this back to our garage to start checking it over and getting
it ready for the track. Our next trip to Ellis’ shop is a little scary — a large part of our Porsche has been removed, and it
now looks like a picked-over parts car, with the motor exposed more than it ever is in a Boxster. Time goes by, and finally
in February Ellis calls and says he has gotten it square and is almost done. He has done an amazing job, having welded in
the new sections, and even painted the areas he is about to cover up with upholstery. When we get the bill, we realize we
are not only fortunate to have discovered a resource, a person who is enormously skilled at a dying art in our throw-away
world, but someone who doesn’t yet charge what he could for his skill.

We now have a problem we hadn’t anticipated: we have a rather unique car that we don’t have the heart to start ripping
apart to put in a roll cage, or strip down. But such problems are hard to get much sympathy for, and we have decided that
they will sort themselves out after we drive the car for a season, and we see how much we like it. Then we will decide
what to do. We have a lot to learn about Boxsters (quite another world in electronic sophistication and complexity com-
pared to the simple 914) and look forward to talking to other Boxster owners in the club, to getting a set of track tires and
playing with all those adjustments on the suspension, and not to be forgotten, seeing how it drives at speed.

See you at the track.

12 Northlander May 2017

2017 Postscript from John Rahill:

Several years ago, before the Caymans came out, we saw this Zientec roof made in South Africa, and we liked it much
better than the hard top Boxster roof, so we took the plunge. It arrived just before they went bankrupt, so it’s now another
pretty unique aspect of our mongrel vehicle.

May 2017
13 Northlander

14 Northlander May 2017

May 2017
15 Northlander



  3 to choose from! Ducati MS1200 Multistradas, 1600, 1800, and 2200 miles, 
2  010, 2011, 2012 starting at $9995! 

THIS IS A TEST 07 Cayman, Black on 2 tone black/gray leather, 2.7l, 47k miles, 5sp, 19” 

TwhehPeoelrss,c hCeaTrybpoen9 F36ibdeird tnroimt h, axveen:on, amazing conditiAonR U$F25C9T9R5e ngine has

A. a space frame. A. 450 BHP and is paired with a 5 speed gearbox.
B. a plastic body removable in 4 parts. B. 469 BHP and is paired with a 6 speed gearbox.
C. a 6-cylinder engine. C. 460 BHP and is paired with a 6 speed gearbox.
D. a KKK turbocharger. D. 468 BHP and is paired with a 5 speed gearbox.

How many 1991 Turbos ar0e8a 9v1a1il aTbalergina t4hSe,U 6.sSp. , 21k, Navi, sport seats, Silver/Gray bi­xenon $55995 


A. 400

B. 500

C. 600 08 Porsche Cayman S, MidnAingshwte brsluaere oonn spaanged 3b1eige, 62k miles, 6sp, full 

DE.h. i51s0t0o00r00y, 2 keys, original window sticker, new tires , wmituhstth saenek satnodE ddrainvde!N $an2c9y9B9r5o adhead

Call Jason at 617­676­7000 

Kachel Motor Co. Inc. 

425 Canal St.  

Lawrence, MA 01840 

16 Northlander May 2017

Rally Corner

By The Rally Team

Our rally season will soon kick off on Saturday, May 20, with Event #1, a drive of the hills and curving roads of south-
central Vermont. Departure point is Monadnock Marketplace in Keene, NH, ending with a late lunch at the Salt Hill Pub
in Newport, NH. Come join us for Porsche driving and comradery. RSVP on the NCR web site is important so we have a
proper head count for the restaurant.

For Event #2, June 23-25, our Spring Getaway, we will drive beside world-famous trout streams on back roads of the
Catskill Mountains of New York, ending with a late lunch at the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome for an airshow of vintage air-
craft. Porsche-only parking in Aerodrome display area. Lodging is at the Hotel Vienna in Windham, NY where a block of
rooms will be held until 15 May. Lodging and restaurant details are on the NCR web site, along with the important RSVP
button. Book early because lodging in the Catskills in June is already tight.

Event #3 on July 23 will take us on Porsche-friendly roads of west-central New Hampshire, with a stop at the Saint-
Gaudens National Historic Site, the New Hampshire home of famed sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens and display site for
many second castings of his most famous pieces … including the Shaw Memorial, the first casting of which is displayed
on Boston Common. A late lunch at the Harpoon Brewery at the Artisans Village in Windsor, VT will complete the event.
See NCR web site for details and RSVP button.

Our events will only be as good as you make them, so we invite contributions of ideas and assistance in planning NCR
rallies and getaways. Planning for 2017 is well underway, but it is not too soon to think about what you would like for
events in 2018.

2017 NCR Rally Schedule

Rally #1 May 20, 2017 Roads of South-Central Vermont

Rally #2 / Spring Getaway June 23-25 Catskill Mtns / Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome

Rally #3 July 23 Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site

Rally #4 August 26 NH Notches and Waterfalls Tour

Rally #5 / Fall Getaway September 8-10 Stay Tuned for Details to Come

Rally #6 October 15 Planner’s Choice (Maybe a Gimmick Rally?)

To defray expenses, we have instituted a $5 per person charge for each event.

Fokker Dr.1 Shaw Memorial
(with permission, Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome) Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site

May 2017
17 Northlander

18 Northlander May 2017

Tech Session #1, Ed’s Barn

By Jay Gratton

During my 29 years of involvement with NCR, I have been fortunate to have held most of the board and chair positions the
club has to offer. However, of all the jobs I have been involved with, I always enjoyed the tech chair position the most. So
when Bob Futterrer stepped down from the position after a number of years and countless and informative tech sessions,
I eagerly jumped at the opportunity to volunteer my services again.

Typically, the tech session season is conducted between January and April, before the driving season gets under way. So
when I took over the position in March, I set a goal to get one tech session in before for the membership turned their
attention towards driving events. Thankfully, Edgar Broadhead volunteered to host a tech session at his barn up in New
London. Edgar was preparing his 2000 Boxster S for the upcoming DE season and would be conducting an oil change and
dropping the sump and replacing it with a deeper one with improved baffles for increased oil coverage and protection.

On the morning of April 8th, I left my house in Merrimack with the sun shining and my sunroof opened. I picked up fellow
NCR member Mike Wooding in Goffstown and headed northwest. Edgar’s barn is what you would expect from a classic
New England car guy. Racing trophies everywhere from the 1950’s up, every tool imaginable and a Porsche for everyone’s
taste, from his GT3, ’67 911 S to Edgar’s Porsche Tractor. This man is truly a fan of the Porsche brand.

Fifteen NCR members attended the session. Edgar had his Boxster already on the lift and began walking members through
the process of conducting an oil change. Following this, Edgar removed the factory sump with plastic baffles and replaced
it with a very nice aftermarket piece with much bigger aluminum baffles. Folks in attendance were disappointed to see
the plastic parts Porsche had used in the car as they simply didn’t hold up well. To finish up, Edgar explained and provided
visuals on the famous IMS failures.

As always, anytime you complete a successful repair on a vehicle, one must go out and celebrate with food and beverages.
No better place for this than the Flying Goose! Tech Session #1 was a huge success and a big thank you to Edgar and
Nancy Broadhead for hosting us. Have an excellent driving season and please get in touch with me if you have anything
you would like to see for a tech session in the upcoming season. Until then…… drive safely!

May 2017
19 Northlander

2017 Lit Meet, March 3 & 4

Photographs by James Alton II, San Gabriel Valley Region PCA

2017 was the 34th year of the Lit Meet and the first under Stoddard’s management. Until this year the Lit Meet
was a nice little event but has now expanded into a long weekend which—with its related events—draws
Porsche (and VW) enthusiasts from around the world. The event was held at The Phoenix Club in Anaheim

[Editor’s note: The above caption has been extracted from Jim’s report on the event]

20 Northlander May 2017

May 2017
21 Northlander

NCR Autocross #1, April 22, 2017

Photographs by David Churcher

22 Northlander May 2017

It was wet. It was bleak. And it was cold. But look at those warm smiles from Rachel, Elizabeth, Lisa, and Neel.

NCR Autocross people are true enthusiasts. No matter what the NCR Autocross Weather Committee presents
they come out and make it a great day.

May 2017
23 Northlander

WEC 6 Hours of Silverstone 2017

By Presse Porsche

Despite a well calculated but significant aerodynamic disadvantage, Porsche fought for the victory with the 919 Hybrid
on Sunday in Silverstone. After six hours of racing in the FIA World Endurance Championship season-opener on the chal-
lenging British Grand Prix circuit, the trio of Earl Bamber (NZ)/Timo Bernhard (DE)/Brendon Hartley (NZ) crossed the finish
line just 6.173 seconds behind the winning Toyota of Sébastien Buemi (CH)/Anthony Davidson (GB)/Kazuki Nakajima (JP).
Buemi had clawed in Hartley in a breath taking final stint with only seven laps to go. The second Porsche 919 Hybrid of
reigning world champion Neel Jani (CH), André Lotterer (DE) and Nick Tandy (GB) finished third.

The first race of the 2017 WEC was accompanied by typical cool and changeable British weather with rather low ambient
and track temperatures of around 11 degrees Celsius and occasional light rain. However, this did not hamper the atmo-
sphere with 50,200 fans attending over the weekend.

The Porsche LMP Team – Le Mans winner and world champion in 2015 as well as in 2016 – leads the manufacturers’ clas-
sification after the first of nine championship rounds on 33 points with Toyota second (26.5). In the drivers’ standings, the
Porsche crews are currently second and third.

24 Northlander May 2017

Do You Uber?

By Danielle Badler

Do You Uber?

On some gadgets, I’m what I would consider a relatively early adopter. But when it comes to prying my hands from the
wheel of my beloved automotive conveyances, I’m not exactly in a rush.

Then again, I’ve started using Uber.

First there was this snowy night, earlier this winter. I was off to a big fund-raiser downtown, and I really didn’t want to
drive. I called up the app on my phone, and punched in my location and destination, and a car and driver picked me up
in, like, five minutes. The ride cost $12, with tip, which was built in. Charged to my credit card. With no cash changing
hands. Same for my return. And, both times, a cheerful driver inched to the curb and waited patiently for me to slip over
a thin layer of slush.

Then I took Uber from home to the airport, with a companion. I reserved a time, the day before. The driver was right on

We got out of the car, and I took a quick look at my phone. I noticed a receipt was already in my e-mail. For the trip, not
the number of passengers. Along with instructions on what I should do, if I wanted to take Uber for the return trip home.

The instructions weren’t exactly complicated. I took Uber from the airport to home. I walked up to a designated floor and
door. And met a small gaggle of other Uber-doopers (Uberites? Ubermovers?) who, one by one, suddenly moved out to
the drive to be picked up, all the while staring at their phones.

I was doing the same. Watching a representation of a car make its way on a map, projected on my screen, with a simulta-
neous readout of how many minutes away my driver was, along with what type of car and the license plate number. And
the driver’s name. And a rating for my driver, submitted by a bunch of previous passengers.

And this was late on a Sunday night. My flight home was delayed three hours. I had been fretting over whether there’d
be anybody to pick me up, at all. It wasn’t a problem.

The driver made a u-turn so I could get out, right in front of my building. God forbid I’d have to cross the street. And he
waited, he sort of kept guard, while I made my way inside.

I’m sold.

I mean, I currently own two cars. My Porsche and my daily driver. Now, admittedly, I’ve introduced myself to my neighbors
in my building as the person who owns the copper-brown 911 that never leaves. And they always respond with, “Oh,
YOU’re the owner!” Both cars have parking spaces in my building. Normally, heading downtown, I’d cruise around the
block, looking for a meter. And end up in a garage, at least a few blocks from my destination. And, with gas and parking,
the trip would cost me the same as the Uber hop. And take at least as long.

I always felt secure, knowing that, no matter what happened, or when I wanted to come or go, I had my transportation
with me. I was beholden to nobody.

There was the time, last year, returning from Chicago, when my flight was seven hours late. United never canceled the
flight. They just kept pushing back the departure time, again and again and again. We landed at 3 am. I’m not kidding.
But I had my car at the airport. I got home as the sun was rising.

If I had been using SuperShuttle? They were battened down like they were waiting for an air-raid. Uber? Who knows.
But, after my experiences, I think I’d chance it. My driver told me that, after dropping someone off at the airport, they
head to a holding area, where they wait in line, virtually, for a fare back. And wait, and wait, if they have to.

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May 2017
25 Northlander

I tried SuperShuttle a few times to the airport. But I kept meeting fellow passengers I had no interest in meeting. And
visiting neighborhoods I had no interest in exploring. On average, a 30 or 40-minute ride was taking at least an hour and
a half, maybe two hours. And, of course, they charge by the person, not simply the trip.

I have a very close friend, who was an impetus for my Uber indoctrination. She had driven for Uber and Lyft. Mostly, she
cruised around downtown, especially on into the night, waiting for a “surge” fare.

And, yes, on these shifts, in these locations, most rides were people who had had, shall we say, imbibed a bit too much.

Now, that’s innately a very good thing. She would tell me that these people had no business being behind the wheel. But,
again and again, they were often belligerent. They always knew the best way home, or thought they did. She related
how, sometimes, it was next to impossible, just to get an exact idea of where they were heading.

To say nothing about the occasional, uh, shall we say, release of bodily fluids.

No, she quit. After about three or four months. Which, my Uber from the airport driver told me, is the typical length of
time behind the wheel.

I asked this driver how long he’s been doing it. He said two years. He was very proud; called himself a pioneer. I asked
him how he likes it. And he said it was great. He set his own hours, learned to stay away from pub-crawling, and has met
all sorts of interesting people, like me! It’s the people, he said … yeah, really, I’m not kidding.

I’ve read about how literally all the major automotive manufacturers are in the process of aligning themselves with one,
or more, travel disruptor like Uber. They see themselves in a race to stay viable, against the new-idea upstarts that seem
to pop up in sets of waves, ready to break ashore with a market capitalization that dwarfs their manufacturing cohorts.

What to do? Keep your sports car for nice days and the track. I want to know, has Uber become a verb, like Google? If
not, it’s only a matter of time.

Small House BLACK
(Near Net-Zero) RIVER


26 Northlander May 2017

May 2017
27 Northlander

Edgar Broadhead

The following individuals have been approved as Tech Inspectors for those region members who
enter track events requiring inspection prior to the event. The Tech Inspection is provided as a
service (some of the Tech Inspectors charge a nominal fee) to North Country Region members who
print and bring the inspection form for driving events. Here is the link for the inspection form:

Name Position PhoneNumber

Autowerkes Maine Maine (207) 865 6600
Ayer European Auto Restoration Maine (207) 582 3618
Autosportnortheast Maine (207) 698 1000
German Auto Service, Inc. Maine (207) 282 3013
The Boston Sportscar Co. LLC Massachusetts (781) 647 7300
Katchel Motor Company Massachusetts (617) 759 8973
LDV Motorsports Buzzards Bay, Ma (508) 789 0961
Exotech New Hampshire (603) 382 3599
Sports & Vintage Car New Hampshire (603) 675 2623
Dupont’s Service Center New Hampshire (603) 742 8627
G & R Autoworks Keene NH (603) 357 2484
Series 900 Sunapee, NH (603) 748 0787
Series Motorsports New Hampshire (603) 232 5443
Porsche of Nashua New Hampshire (603) 595 1707
Blair Talbot Motors New Hampshire (603) 740 9911
Precision Imports New Hampshire (603) 624 1113
AVA Restoration New Hampshire (603) 563 8910
JSP Motorsports New Hampshire (603) 477 9738
Zak’s Auto New Hampshire (603) 943 7682
Continental Automotive Repair Service New York (845) 356 2277
Auto Union Vermont (802) 223 2401
Eurotech Vermont (802) 660 1900
Green Mountain Performance Co. Vermont (802) 775 3433
Heads Up Motorsports Inc. Vermont (802) 886 2636
Rennline Inc. Vermont (802) 893 7366
The Auto Master Vermont (802) 985 8411

The Metric Wrench Vermont (802) 751 8577

28 Northlander May 2017

Passionate about Performance, that best describes Green Mountain
Performance. Established in 1995, they have been at their current location
for over 11 years, in the heart of central Vermont on Route 4 in Mendon. They
are the place to go for the best in general service, repairs and performance
modifications for your cherished rides. Their new facility has allowed
them to expand service to accommodate the specialized tools & diagnostic
capabilities to provide accurate repairs on today’s complex vehicles with
their many on board computer systems.
After 30 years of show winning, trophy grabbing, solid performing and
attention getting vehicles, they have built a small but dedicated staff of
craftsmen & suppliers to provide the utmost in satisfaction for their clients.
They can now proudly say that they can accurately provide dealer level
service on all German marques, predominantly Porsche, with a bevy of
state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment & personalized service unmatched
in their area. Their ASE certified technicians are not just nine to five, they
live this stuff-from the streets to the track.

June 2013 1 Northlander
May 2017
29 Northlander

Teachers and home schoolers love these reviews… a must have for your classroom!

30 Northlander May 2017

For Sale: 2002 Carrera 4 Silver/like new Black Power Answers to the test on page 16
Top, 68,900 mi. Tiptronic transmission w/Manual Option
& PSM. ABS brakes (like new) & IMS Bearing Upgrade, 1 B
& a new Cruise Control system. Optional Bose Surround The plastic body was removable in
Sound, & GPS. Also includes: 4 Pirelli snows mounted on
“Porsche wheels;” top down windscreen + 911 Car Cover. 3 pieces, Ferry Porsche; Cars Are
Mint condition, & excellent drive. Always garaged. Have My Life, p. 232
maintenance records. Asking $26,500. Jack Saunders,, 603-536-4275. 2 C
From Road & Track March 1991,

p 65.

3 B
From Road & Track March 1991,

pp 62 & 64.

For Sale: Dick Kruppa, a 50+ year PCA member, is selling off For Sale: 1960 Mercedes Benz 220SE Cabriolet. 76,000
his lifetime collection of Porsche memorabilia. The collection miles, Black/red. Totally rust free, 50 years in Las Vegas
includes many hundreds of items including, but not limited & Santa Fe. New top, new leather seats, recent black
to: books, magazine articles including technical reports road lacquer respray; even the radio works! Class winner
tests and Porsche advertisements starting in 1952, workshop 2015 MAW show. $125k or reasonable offer; 45 pix
manuals, Panoramas since 1966, dealership sales literature available or view & drive in person. 603-343-7575
for all models since 1965, Porsche model cars, annual
calendars and coins. This is just a sample of his collection.
Should you be interesting in learning what is available please
email Dick at or call 603-772-3387


It is time to tidy up. Adverts are supposed THE MART
to run three months and we have had a few
here a lot longer. Your For Sale Items here ... Be sure to send
them in to:
If you do not see your advert but wish to
continue for another three months please

May 2017
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7 Andover Periodontics The NCR Autocross Weather Committee apologize
14 Autowerkes Maine for their April 22 weather selection and promise to
26 Black River Design provide sunshine at Autocross #2.
1 Days Inn Greater Barrington MA
14 Exotech DE #1 at Palmer Motorsports Park
7 Exotic Car Club of America/James Smith
29 Green Mountain Performance Rally #1 Roads of South-Central Vermont
15 HMS
16 Kachel Motor Company
27 Precision Imports
7 Sports Car Services
27 Stuttgart Northeast
30 Thunks Reviews

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Volume 35 Number 12 December 2012 U.S. Postage
Janet Quintero PAID
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Laura Futterrer
218 Cranberry Meadow Rd Portsmouth
Berwick, ME 03901 NH

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