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Discover what Rural Andalucia and Los Corrales has to offer! Stay at Hostel Villa Cabreros to discover it's secrets.

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Hostel Villa Cabreros Guide Book

Discover what Rural Andalucia and Los Corrales has to offer! Stay at Hostel Villa Cabreros to discover it's secrets.

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Centrally located to the historical cities of Osuna, Antequera, Malaga, Seville, Ronda Hostel Villa Cabreros
+ Granada. Calle Gutierrez Mellado 33, Los

Plus El Caminito Del Rey, El Torcal, Laguna Fuente de Piedra, Embalses de Corrales,
Guadalteba y Guadalhorce. Sevilla, 41657

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Only around 1 hours walk from the hostel, or a 5minute drive, is the Laguna Del Gosque just outside
of Martin de la Jara! It is a small Lagoon, but in summer months is great for swimming, there is even a
public beach. It can be quite dry during summer and early autumn but other months you may even
see Fla i gos here! A great a ti ity if you do ’t ha e a ar a d ish to see so e of the lo al area!

How to get there: Type into google maps and it will show you the walking route!

Find it here: Plaza Med.a.torreg.
The best and biggest bag of Churros con Chocolate for 2 euros or Bocadillo de Pollo for 2 euros!
Have a walk around the market and then treat yourself to a Café con Leche, Churros con Chocolate or
Bo adillo de Pollo or all three! There’s fresh eggies, lothes, fish, eat a d odd its a d o s!
Missed it? You can still get your Churros fix by heading to the church square on a Sunday – just follow
the crowds.
Better yet, head into one of the towns bars serving Desayuno and try out the traditional Andalucian
breakfast of Café con Leche and Tostadas con Tomates and olive oil (you can also get Jamon with it) –

Missed the Los Corrales Market?

Head to the Martin de la Jara Market on Saturdays, or the huge market in Campillos on Tuesdays!

Do ’t iss out o Tapas i tow so e bars are 1 euro per Tapa! – plus you can also get menu of the day
(Starter, Main, Desert, Drink) Monday – Friday for 8 euros. They are so large, you can even share 1 menu
per 2 people!

SUNSET POINT: Head left out of the hostel and take the first dirt road on the left. Once on the

main road, cross over and continue straight ahead, up the hill until there is no more road, just olive
fields. Keep going through the path in the olive fields and when you
see the big mound/hill on your left, walk to the top. Sit and wait for a
glorious 360 degree view and sunset over the town/olive trees. It’s
also a great place to come for meditation, picnics, chilling in the sun
and watching the stars at night!

Route Los Gazpachos (right 9km): You don’t have to go all the way – 5km is just as

good! Follow the route on the right (but set for leaving from the hostel), for glorious views and
wind turbines!

Ruta Fuente del Esparto (left 11km): Hiking

route of little difficulty, ideal for the whole family. The
route runs through various roads of the municipality,
highlighting the various landscapes that can be seen,
reaching the Fuente del Esparto, accompanied by a mountain range colored by
vegetation and pines, and in which there are picnic areas. Ideal place to spend a field

Ruta Los Corrales - Martin de la Jara (8miles right): Walk through olive fields and stop

for a coffee or Cerveza and tapas in Martin de la Jara!


Laguna del Gosque

Only around 1 hour walk from the Hostel is the
Laguna del Gosque just outside of Martin de la Jara! It
is a small Lagoon, in the summer months it is great for
swimming, there is even a public beach. It can be
quite dry during summer and early autumn but other
months you may even see Flamingos here –
especially in the breeding season of February-March!

Download track

Distance: 10,68 km
Difference: +/- 130 m

Relaxing walk

A beautiful and easy walk, perfect for relaxing and
being in nature – why not take a picnic with you? You

cross the scenery of olive fields and walk a part of

the Camino de la Frontera. The end point is in the
centre of town. It’s a landscape typical of this area,

where it seems time has stopped. The route is also

good for running, as there is not much of a gradient!

Download track

Distance: 8,97 km
Difference: +/- 120 m


Part of the Camino de la Frontera

This route is part of the famous Camino de la Frontera. It’s
a historical route that crosses from El Saucejo - Los
Corrales – Martin de la Jara.

The complete Camino de la Frontera runs from Algeciras to

Santiago de Compostela, crossing big towns and cities plus

a very diverse landscape – it is a spiritual and cultural

route/pilgrimage. You can walk the entire way if you wish! A

gorgeous hike between olive trees, natural and anthropized

landscape. Download track

Distance: 16,32 km
Difference + 212 m / - 340 m

A walk into nature

An easy, sometimes uphill, walk into the natural
surroundings, where the landscape changes and you
can find amazing flowers and different trees. It’s not a
difficult track and you can have a picnic on a beautiful
day. Use your stay as an excuse to enjoy your time in
our beautiful area and admire the views!

Download track

Distance: 13 km
Difference: +/- 250 m

Salmorejo or Antequera Porra:
A ariatio o the A daluzia Gazpa ho, ut u h thi ker tha it’s fa ous ou terpart. Ser ed old, it’s ade of le ded to a toes,
bread and olive oil and topped with either Serrano Ham and Egg, or Tuna and Egg. Delicious on a hot summer afternoon!
Pescaíto Frito (fried fish):
A mix of fried fish, including calamares (squid), adobo (marinated dogfish), merluza (hake) and puntillitas (baby octopus).
Patatas Arrieras:
Sliced Potatoes cooked in garlic, olive oil and paprika, served with a creamy Mayonaise and prawns!
Huevos a la Flamenco:
Eggs baked with jamon, chorizo and vegetables (you can sometimes also find prawns replacing chorizo).
Solomillo al whisky/Roquefort/Paprika etc:
They LOVE their pork here! Pork fillet cooked in various sauces. Also try out the Carne en Salsa (meat in garlic sauce), or Gambas Al Ajillo
(Prawns in Garlic).
Arroz Marinero:
Caldoso (soupy) rice with seafood, served in a cazuela (big lidded pot) with a spoon, so you can help yourself. Might have almejas (clams),
mejillones (mussels), prawns (gambas).
Jamon Serrano and Iberico (Iberico is from Andalucia, but is more expensive):
Cured cold ham – delicious with Manchengo Cheese or bread!
Usually served as a tapa, the flamenquín consists of pieces of ham (macerated in wine) rolled into pork loin, battered in bread crumbs and
then fried. Originally from Cordoba.
Migas started out as breakfast leftovers. Made from a base of bread crumbs, it differs throughout the region. However, it often features
bacon, sausage, olive oil, garlic and dried red pepper.
A deep-fried pastry covered in sticky honey. While this traditionally appears around Christmas and Holy Week, you can now find it year-
round in bakeries.
Galletas Rellenas/Galletas con Crema Pastelera:
Soft Cake-like biscuits stuffed with custard crème, originally from Antequera.


C/Bomba s/n - Los Corrales Group Class Schedule
Nati: 699 56 44 09

Gym Hours

9 am - 8 pm


Gym Collective

Pay as you Go:
5 eu/hour per person

1 eu / person,
minimum 5 people
Monthly Membership:
20 eu / Month

Group Class Rates

15 eu / Month

Flamenco Class Rates

20 eu / Month

Martin de la Jara / Campillos / El Saucejo - Small towns, great cheap food/restaurants, local Spanish feel, Good markets. Campillos also

has a professional Karting centre. Campillos and El Saucejo are 10-15mins drive, Martin de la Jara is Walking distance.

Osuna – Their Plaza del Toro was a filming location for Game of Thrones season 5, also tons of history, a beautiful viewpoint from the

Cathedral, a Game of Thrones section in their museum (2 euros entry) and a great restaurant (Cafetería Cervecería Tetuán) for lunch; menu of
the day during the week, 8 euros, including a drink. 30mins drive from the Hostel.

Estepa: This town holds much history, walk up to the top of the hill for all the historical monuments and the Balcon de Andalucia for a great

view point. Stroll arou d it s ti little streets for shade i the after oo a d e perie e so e of it s lege dar Tapas ars – we even have a map
at the hostel for a Tapas Tour ! 30 i s dri e fro the Hostel.

Ecija – 45mins drive from the Hostel. Popularly known as Ciudad del Sol, the City of Towers and the Skillet of Andalusia (due to its high

temperatures), it is considered one of the most important artistic centers of A dalusia. Be ause of this, it s hur hes a d pala es are so e of the
most beautiful in the region.

Antequera – You ould easil spe d a hole da here, or half a da i the it after a tour to El Tor al. Roa it s eautiful streets a d eat

wonderful tapas. The real highlight is the beautiful cathedral set high up on the hill with its walls presenting a sweeping view over the city and
dry Moorish hills as a backdrop. Beautiful architecture and the Alcazaba is open til 6pm. There is also a castle here! 50min drive from the hostel,
buses from Campillos.

Ronda – This stunning town/city in the region of Malaga has some stunning architecture including the famous New Bridge over a canyon. The

views and walks in this town are amazing and be sure to have a glass of wine or tapas in one of the restaurants looking over this magnificent
area. There are also Moorish baths, museums, and various hikes down into the gorge/canyon. You could spend all day walking through the
cobbled streets. Only 1 hr from the Hostel, direct train from Campillos. Make sure you take the driving route through the mountains passing
through Cañete la Real – beautiful village in the mountains with a castle and great views!

Seville / Granada / Cordoba / Malaga: These large cities are all around 1.5hrs drive from the hostel and serve as gateways to this

beautiful region. You can either pass through on your way here, head to them on your way out, or do day trips during your extended stay with us
– you can access them all by bus/car/or train from the hostel and are easily viewed in a day or two.

The Fuente de Piedra Lagoon stretches between olive and
cereal fields along 6km and almost 1,400 hectares. These
dimensions make it the largest inland wetland in Andalusia
and one of the largest in Spain!

FLAMINGOS: The Laguna is internationally recognized for
hosting the largest colony of common flamingos in the
Iberian Peninsula and the second largest in Europe. It has
registered 20,000 breeding pairs of flamingos, with spring
being the best time to observe them, especially in the early
hours of the morning. In addition, 170 other species of birds
can be found here. For the identification of these birds, the lagoon has several observatories for public use. (TIP: Hire some binoculars from the
visitor centre!)

What do do: There are short walks around the lake, as well as 3 main view points which are
accessible by car, but beware the roads are not the best – lots of potholes! There is also a popular
cycle route around the lake for cycle enthusiasts! In summer, the lake levels may be very low – best
time to go is Winter/Spring.

Visit the town: An interesting option, after visiting the lagoon, is to visit the town of Fuente de
Piedra. Its name is linked to a famous fountain with healing properties that can still be seen today in
the Plaza de la Constitución. There is also the unique Palace of the Marquesa. Another attraction of
this municipality is its gastronomy. The cold meats, migas and porra Antequerana stand out, while
during the spring, beans and asparagus are the basis of their dishes.

How to get there: Car: 25min drive. Take the road to Martin de la Jara and at the main roundabout, take the road towards Sierra de Yeguas
(A406). TIP: Stop off at some of the ruins along this route! When in Sierra de Yeguas, follow the road direction Fuente de Piedra, (MA-454)
through some stunning olive field scenery where the lake will be on your right hand side. You can choose to visit the visitor centre first or stop off
at the view points before hand.

El Caminito Del Rey / The Kings Path

El Caminito del Rey is a passage built on the walls of the Gaitanes gorge,
in the province of Málaga. It is only a 35 minute drive from the hostel. It is a
pedestrian walkway of more than 3 km (in addition to 4.8km of access),
attached to almost vertical walls of rock inside a canyon, with sections of a
width of just 1 meter, hanging up to 105m high above the river. It is an
absolutely stunning walk and isn’t very difficult, all ages can do it, but just
beware if you have a fear of heights, some areas can be high! It really is
the highlight of the area, and a must-do!

Tickets need to be bought online way in advance especially in summer as
it can be fully booked for weeks. However, show up early (before 11am)
and you can wait in line for a general admission ticket. Be prepared to wait
sometimes more than an hour for all the tour groups to be admitted first.
Make sure you arrive at least one hour before your expected start/wait time, as you will need time to find parking
which is pretty packed, and you will also need to conduct a small hike of around 2.7km to reach the start/entrance of
the track, where tickets can be purchased for 10 euros per person.

Access is mainly from the Accesso Norte side (not El Chorro), and the track starts next door to the El Kiosk
restaurant. Once you reach the end, you walk a further 1.5km to the El Chorro train station where there are buses for
1.55 per person to transport you back to the other side where the el kiosk restaurant is.

How to get there:

By Car; Take the road to Campillos from Los Corrales and then head direction Antequera (A384). When coming off at
the junction, take the direction Malaga/Ronda (A357), then take the road on the left after around 10mins drive
(A7286). Keep following this road direction Accesso del Norte (Caminito Del Rey), you will pass several miradors and
the main reservoirs, before taking a right to the ‘tourist area’ where the Caminito Del Rey will be sign-posted. As soon
as you hit the main tourist area, parking is first come first served anywhere along this stretch of road, there are also some designated car-parks
but these get full early so arrive well in advance. Be careful if parking on the road due to coaches, make sure you are well parked to give them
enough room!

By Train; From Campillos (there is a bus to Campillos daily, or someone from the Hostel could give you a lift) Catch the train direction Malaga,
and hop off in El Chorro. From here catch the shuttle bus (1.55) around to the start of the hike. The end of the hike brings you back to El Chorro
train station where you can then hop on a train back to Campillos – or hitch a ride!

In this natural park - situated in the Ardales in Malaga, just
outside of Campillos - there are three large marshes :
Conde de Guadalhorce (The Dam), Guadalhorce and
Guadalteba. Next to the entrance for the Caminito Del Rey
is a magical area of walks, swimming, history and

When? The best time to come to appreciate this area is on
a quiet Monday, when the Caminito Del Rey is closed. Less crowds, less tour buses and more
pla es to park! If you do t ha e a ar, take the trai fro Ca pillos to El Chorro, go o a day he the CDR is ope a d you can catch a bus
from the El Chorro train station to the other side, where the Embalses are. You can then catch a bus back to the station, or hitch a ride!

Things to do: You can swim, have lunch or a drink at some of the restaurants, and view the "Silla
del Rey"; which is a set of two benches, an armchair and a table all made of stone, where King
Alfonso XIII signed the completion of the works of the Conde de Guadalhorce reservoir. From the
King's Armchair, to the other side of the reservoir you can see the "Engineer's House" or "Casa
del Conde", to which the passage is closed.

TIP: Make sure you head out of the Caminito area, (or stop on your way in) to the Dams along
the main road, where there is a public beach, a d se eral “Miradors", one of which you can get a
bird's-eye view of the whole set of reservoirs (picture left + above). The reservoirs also have
se eral senderos’ - hiking trails - where you can enjoy nature.

How to get there: Take the road to Campillos from Los Corrales and then head direction Antequera (A384). When coming off at the junction,
take the direction Malaga/Ronda (A357), then take the road on the left after around 10mins drive (A7286). Keep following this road
direction Accesso del Norte (Caminito Del Rey), you will pass several miradors a d the ai reser oirs, efore taki g a right to the tourist
area .

The Torcal de Antequera is unique; declared a World Heritage Site by
UNESCO. There are free hiking routes for the public and there are also
guided tours to book in advance. There is a visitor centre and some easy
walking paths to stunning view-points for non-hikers. It is recommended
to wear appropriate hiking shoes and not to abandon the marked trails –
the paths can be steep, uneven and slippery when wet.

Orange Route:

 Route: 3.7km – one way
 Estimated duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes (one way).

Yellow Route:

 3 km - circular
 Estimated duration: 2 hours (round trip)

Green Route:

 Course: 1.5km - circular
 Estimated duration: 45 minutes (round trip)

How to get there;

DRIVE: 50mins-1hr: From the Hostel, head to Campillos. Then take the A384 and A343 to
Ante ue a. On e in Ante ue a, follow the own signs to El To al o the signs to
"Villanueva de la Concepción" which lead to the outskirts of the city through a mountain
road, the A-7075. Continuing this road up, the turning to the "Torcal Alto Visitor Center" is
indicated after two very steep bends. WARNING: This is a very high and dangerous road,
please pay attention and go slow.

BUS: You can take a bus from Campillos directly to Antequera 3 times a day, the same for
the way back. Once in Antequera you can get a taxi to take you to the top, wait an hour or
two, and return to the center for around 36 euros.


Sierra de



An excellent network of paths, forest tracks and several trails, makes the ideal setting for hiking, horse-
riding, mountain biking and scenic drives. These paths include the Llanos de Líbar, or the Pinsapar. The
more adventurous guests can enjoy water sports in the Zahara de la Sierra reservoir, caving in the many caves and caverns or canyoning

at Garganta Verde – 45 euros with Al Andalus Activa (958480721). See also for the; Ruta de los Pueblos Blancos (White Villages Driving


Get There: Head direction Campillos and then take the A367 to Ronda. From Ronda take the A374 and A372. For Caving
activities you can get guided tours from Ronda based companies. You can get a train from Campillos to Ronda direct.



When in the Ronda area, or passing through the Sierra de Grazalema there are a choice of
short driving tours passing through stunning surroundings of lush Mediterranean woodlands
and high mountain passes, with each white-washed Pueblo separated by stunning Andalusian

Why not combine all 3 in a day?!

Route 1: Grazalema-Benamahoma-El Bosque-Zahara-Grazalema
This route begins and ends with spectacular mountain scenery, the mirador at Puerto de
Boyar gi es a pa ora i ie of the plai s a d later, at the highest road pass Puerta de las

Palo as to get a irds eye ie of the sierras a d eyo d.

Route 2: Grazalema-Acinipo-Setenil-Ronda-Grazalema
Visit the Roman theatre of Acinipo, and from this vantage point look back across the sierras,

Setenil has a unique river setting and the gorge which divides Ronda in two is world

Route 3: Grazalema-Villaluenga-Ubrique-El Bosque-Benamahoma-Grazalema
Villaluenga is the smallest and highest of the villages, Ubrique the largest, with many historic

monuments, El Bosque boasts a botanic garden of plants from the sierras.

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