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3400.151 Lee Health Brand Book flip

3400.151 Lee Health Brand Book flip

We’re all




A Healthier Future. We have a new vision for our future, one

that embraces positive change and innovation. On the pages that
follow, you will learn in greater depth what we believe, our vision
of where we’re headed, what our Lee Health brand represents,
and most importantly, the role you play in our success.

We Care.

A Heritage of Caring. From a two-story, four-room hospital

on the corner of Victoria and Grand, we’ve grown to become one of
the largest public health systems in the country. Now, more than 13,000
employees strong, our heritage unites us in our mission of caring and
encouraging healthier lifestyles for the people of Southwest Florida.

One hundred years ago, no one could have
imagined what Lee Memorial Health System
would be able to achieve today.


LEEOn our 100th anniversary, Lee Memorial Health System becomes

of our aspirations for the future, while firmly connecting us to our past. It

A NEW PFlorida community by proactively shaping, supporting and inspiring its

.HEALTH Our new name is a powerful expression
announces that we are helping transform our Southwest and well-being.

A Team Effort. Our brand is what distinguishes us from all other health

care organizations. It’s how we’re perceived by our patients, our communities, our
partners and even ourselves.

It takes teamwork, not only to build a brand, but to make it well-known and trusted.
To achieve that status, we know that our brand, Lee Health, is really a promise
that each of us must deliver, every day. The idea is to work together with a shared
outlook and commitment of service to others.

Our collective goal is to improve the health and well-being of residents and visitors
of Southwest Florida. But we need to do this in a way that improves patient
experience and clinical outcomes with an additional focus on reducing the cost of
care for each individual we serve.

A Personality of Care and Service.

We all make an impression not only by what we do, but how we do it.

The personality traits of Lee Health are:

Passionate: The powerful desire we each have to serve our patients

and communities.

Compassionate: Kindness is key. Demonstrating concern and care for

those who need our support defines us.

Encouraging: Supporting one another in order to be the best we can

for our communities and to build a brighter future together.

Proud: We celebrate our successes, and we will continue to excel.

A New Identity. Our visual identity is one of the most

impactful ways we let others know who we are. The design
and layout of this book is an example of the fresh new look
for our brand that represents Lee Health.

Colors. Our new colors are fresh, energetic
and reflective of Southwest Florida.

Logo Signature. More people will see our logo more than any other form of
communication. Our name and symbol are more than a logo, they are our mark
of ownership — we all own what the logo represents in what we do and say every
day and night. Our new logo is modern, vibrant and reflects the evolving nature
of health. It has a style that speaks to the heritage of Lee Health, as well as the
brand’s forward-looking nature and vision.

Aspirational Tagline. Our tagline reflects our caring nature and the
wonderful things we do every day and night for those who rely on us.
But, our care also includes encouraging and supporting all members
of our community and each other, helping us live healthier lives.


Our brand is the way we express our vision to South
where we are going. Every point of contact we have
volunteers, partners and the media — is a reflection


west Florida. It affirms who we are, why we are here and
with the outside world — our communities, patients, families,
of our commitment to helping people live a healthier life.

Stronger connection
and a stronger team

s with our community
supporting each other.


We Care.

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